Series Ten of Shameless began airing on September 12, 2012. It will have a run of 11 episodes with the first two airing a day apart like the previous series. Series 9 was originally set to have 22 episodes with the run split into two halves with a break in-between just like Series 8. However for an unknown reason it was decided to turn this second half into Series 10 instead. Due to this, much of the events originally planned for Series 9 part 2 became storylines for Series 10. Each time a new episode is shown on Channel 4, the next weeks episode is shown on E4 just after, this 'first look' segment was not done with the previous series but was with many before.


Frank is forced to find himself a job at World of Burgers when his benefits are cut. Jackson and Shane go into business by selling their own bootleg alcohol only to be forced into taking Billy's help when their booze is too disgusting to drink. Jamie finds himself in trouble when a pregnancy test is discovered that could belong to either his wife Karen or mistress Gloria. Marty tries to help a Brazilian house maid get free of slavery but is forced to steal from Lillian to do so when Kelly refuses to help.

Other events see Patty attempting to steal pills from Avril when she wants more than her recommended dose, Jackson becoming suspicious of his wife's relationship with workmate Calum, Billy becoming tired of not being taken seriously and Gloria getting on over her head with a loan company.

Series 10 also sees the departure of three main characters, all in the same episode. Ruby Hepburn is accidentally killed when she falls from Mimi's bedroom window after taking Mimi hostage for making vicious comments about Ruby and her father. Patty Croker discovers she has terminal cancer but instead of dying naturally she commits suicide by staying on Holyhead beach when the tide comes in while going there to get as close to Ireland as everyone can afford. Jackson Powell leaves his wife Avril after discovering she cheated on him with a work colleague and that they are in horrible debt when bailiffs come to take their possessions, he also reveals that he has a girlfriend of his own.


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Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Episode 10.1 Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: David Threlfall September 12, 2012 #10.1
When Frank's usual excuses fail to impress the Department of Work and Pensions and he is faced with losing his benefits, he is forced to finally get a World of Burgers. Shane and Jackson begin selling their own bootleg booze, but it's so disgusting they are forced to take help from Billy whose oddly powerful sense of smell helps turn their business into a roaring success. Meanwhile, Avril supplies Patty with medication but when she wants more than her recommended dosage Avril refuses and Patty decides to steal the pills.

Episode 10.2 Writer: Ian Kershaw Director: Tim Whitby September 13, 2012 #10.2
Frank is loving his new job at World of Burgers and it's going suprisinly well. His banter and laid-back approach are winning over his team and the sales figures are increasing but his new boss Wesley isn't happy and plans to get rid of Frank to achieve his longed-for promotion. Karen's success with an alternative parenting method sees Mimi adopting the same style with Cilla. Elsewhere, Kelly overheards a hurtful comment made by Aidan and tries to bond with him in order to change his views on women while Shane's quest to find a missing cat leads to a new experiment.

Episode 10.3 Writer: Mark Brotherhood Director: Gordon Anderson September 19, 2012 #10.3
Marty tries to rescue a Brazillian housemaid from her life of slavery but is forced to steal from Lillian when Kelly refuses to get involved. Meanwhile, Billy is tired of being such a push-over and is talked into trying out a self-help tape by Karen.

Episode 10.4 Writer: Ed McCardie & Tom Higgins Director: Gordon Anderson September 25, 2012 #10.4
Billy fears Mimi is pregnant again when he discovers a pregnancy test and relays his fears to Jamie. However, Jamie is the one who begins to worry when he finds out Gloria and Karen spent the night drinking at the Maguire house and either of them could be expecting his baby. Elsewhere, Jackson becomes suspicious when Avril grows closer to her new friend, Calum, and jumps to the wrong conclusions while Gloria get's in over her head with a loan company.

Episode 10.5 Writer: Ed McCardie & Ben Newman Director: Andy McDonnell October 3, 2012 #10.5
Shane's guilt over the hit and run continues to grow as he becomes friend's with the family of the man he killed and begins to see the damage he has caused. Kelly blames Lillian when a more modern brothel opens up across the road and takes all their customers. Chesney discovers the girl he's been dreaming about works at the new brothel but is too nervous to chat her up, forcing him to take help from Patty.

Episode 10.6 Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Gordon Anderson October 10, 2012 #10.6
The fate of Marty's family are held in question when a letter arrives from one of his children, did his family really die in Spain? Karen begins to get suspicious that Jamie is cheating and unwittingly asks the woman he is having an affair with, Gloria for help. Lillian has one of her "visions" of the future and sets out to save someone from dark times.

Episode 10.7 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Luke Watson October 17, 2012 #10.7
Patty becomes a pariah in the Chatsworth community when her escalating stealing is found out. Shane's attempts to make use of the left over food from his business with Jackson back fires when he is double crossed by a priest. Mimi worries about her marriage when Billy is unable to ejaculate during sex but Lillian comes to their rescue.

Episode 10.8 Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Andy McDonnell October 24, 2012 #10.8
The teenage girl Dominic got pregnant before coming to the estate has a miscarriage and later commits suicide, destroying Dominic's faith in God and inspiring him to commit suicide. Lillian falls for a magistrate client when he enlists her help to sell the lie he came to her for life coaching when she shows up on his work expense account. Letitia decides it's time to lose her virginity and set's her sights on Aidan but someone forces himself into the equation to take Aidan's place.

Episode 10.9 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Andy McDonnell October 31, 2012 #10.9
Jamie's family is put in danger when a series of escalating threats lead to Karen being attacked and note warning that Jamie has 24 hours to leave Manchester for good. Lillian stuns Kelly when she reveals she isn't actually a British citizen, due to wanting a passport Lillian has to take a citizenship test or face being deported leaving Kelly and Gloria the unenviable task of helping her revise. Avril begins sneaking people's urine samples into the lab tests for the GP surgery where she works but is soon left in a horrible position when Patty's shows she is dying.

Episode 10.10 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Luke Watson November 1, 2012 #10.10
Frank is left the unenviable job of telling Patty that she has terminal cancer, but she reveals she already knows and requests he take her to see Ireland one last time. Mimi decides to have a clear out before her wedding anniversary but comments she makes to Ruby about her father leads to a dangerous situation followed by death. Jackson reveals he knows about Avril's infidelity and announces that he is leaving her. Gloria starts a shocking new affair.


  • It was announced on the Shameless Facebook page that instead of starting Series 9's second half, the show would move onto Series 10. The reason for this late change is unknown.
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