Secrets and Wives is the sixth episode of the tenth series of Shameless. It centres around Kelly Maguire's relationship with Marty Fisher.


After seeing a post man die in the street Marty decides it's a sign to make a change. Locating his grandmother's ring, he plans to propose to Kelly but one accident after another starts to put him off. Things also take a strange turn when a letter arrives to say that one of Marty's children with Sue, who everyone had thought dead, is looking for him in Spain.

Karen get's increasingly suspicious that Jamie is cheating on her and the stress makes her worry for her sanity. Ruby comes to the rescue by suggesting they set a "honey trap" and have Gloria try to seduce Jamie to find out the truth, unaware that Gloria is the one he is having an affair with.

Meanwhile, Lillian has one of her "visions" of the future and set's out to save someones marriage.

Post Credit Scene

Billy walks out of The Jockey and is stopped by Shane who says it's time for them to set the boundaries, once and for all. He then goes on to list things Billy can and cannot say about his mother. Billy suggests that she has a nice smile but Shane answers this with yet another head-butt. Billy next says that she has nice eyes, which Shane answers the same way as before. An annoyed Billy comments that it is like he can't say anything, something which Shane agrees and with and says he is happy they agree before offering Billy his hand. Billy doesn't take it at first, worried Shane will hit him again, they shake hands and Shane begins to walk away but stops and return to head-butt Billy one last time, this time so hard Billy is thrown to the floor. She says that it's Billy's face and that he just couldn't help it. This part of the running gag of Billy saying wildly sexual things about Mimi in the presence of her son's.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Emma Pilson - Working Girl


  • Narrator: Marty Fisher
  • Events in this episode seem to confirm that Kelly and Shane are divorced, or at least Kelly is going by her maiden name again. Despite these events the credits have her listed as Maguire.
  • This is the second episode where none of the Gallaghers appear.
  • The fire at The Jockey is mentioned.


Gloria: Don't worry, not his wife, just his sister.
Woman: Oh thank fuck I thought for a minute I was the other woman then.
Gloria: You're just another gullible tart who he'll barely remember when he wakes 
up. Only difference between you and kleenex is he probably had to buy you a drink 
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