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The first season of Shameless' US remake consisted of 12 episodes that began airing on January 9, 2011. The season introduces the dysfunctional Gallagher family who live in Chicago's South Side Back of the Yards neighborhood as well as the other shameless residents.


The season mainly focuses on the up's and down's of Fiona Gallagher's new relationship with Steve, who's real name is revealed later to be Jimmy. Their relationship begins when Fiona has her purse snatched at a nightclub and Steve attempts to retrieve it from the mugger.

Fiona is tasked with raising her five younger siblings (Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl and Liam), due to their mostly absent alcoholic father Frank. Her mother abandoned the family about a year earlier. Fiona is feisty yet sensitive, especially when it comes to her siblings.

Steve seems to always have money and Fiona originally assumes he is from a different lifestyle from her and they should not date. He attempts to prove her incorrect by showing her his job is stealing vehicles.

In this season Fiona's sister Debbie finds out Steve's real name and wealthy upbringing, but does not tell Fiona. She instead insists that Steve tell her instead.

The season also follows Kev and Veronica, the Gallagher's neighbors. Veronica is Fiona's best friend and Kev runs the local bar where Frank spends much of his time. They help Fiona with the kids. Later in the season they take in a foster child (and her young son), originally for financial means but later decide to let them stay as Kev reveals he wants kids.

The Gallagher patriarch, Frank meets Sheila Jackson, the mother of Lip's girlfriend Karen and the two become a couple. Sheila is the perfect person for Frank to shack up with as she is terrified to leave her home. Frank repays Sheila by participating in her odd sexual habits. Sheila's husband is also oddly present during most of the season, however is no longer in a relationship with Sheila. He has a very strained relationship with Karen due to her sex addiction. Late in the season he calls Karen a whore and Karen retaliates with a vengeance, becoming depressed, destroying her father's property and starting a bashing blog where she puts up video of her having sex with Frank. Her father presumably commits suicide at the end of the season.

Lip is unusually intelligent and shows signs that he could potentially go to college while Ian dreams of attending West Point.

Lip discovers that his closest brother, Ian is gay and having an affair with a married man who he works for. Ian later starts an affair of his own, with a local bad boy and brother of Ian's pretend girlfriend.

Fiona's other siblings are present with less dramatic story lines in the first season. Young brother Carl spends much of his time harming animals, melting items and getting into trouble in school. Young sister Debbie clings to anyone she becomes close to and tries to protect those she loves. There are signs that she longs desperately for a normal family life.

The absent mother of the Gallagher clan, Monica returns with her lesbian lover Roberta and the couple want to take Liam to live with them.


Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Pilot Writer: Paul Abbott & John Wells Director: Mark Mylod January 9, 2011 #1.01
Fiona's purse is stolen, but a handsome stranger named Steve helps her. Lip has suspicions about Ian's sexuality, and decides he should take him to Karen Jackson to confirm his suspicions.

Frank the Plank Writer: Paul Abbott & John Wells Director: John Wells January 16, 2011 #1.02
Frank, heavily intoxicated from the previous night, wakes up in Canada, with no memory of how he arrived there. The children and friends search for him, but one may be hiding something.

Aunt Ginger Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: Stephen Hopkins January 23, 2011 #1.03
Fiona, having dumped Steve, decides to date Tony, a local cop who has had feelings for her since childhood. A woman from the Office of the Inspector General knocks on the Gallagher's door looking for Aunt Ginger, the owner of the family house, who has supposedly been living in a Wisconsin nursing home for 12 years.

Casey Casden Writer: Cindy Caponera Director: Todd Holland January 30, 2011 #1.04
Debbie steals a toddler from a birthday party while depressed from Aunt Ginger's departure. The family creates a plan that will return the boy to his family while avoiding the increased police presence in the area.

Three Boys Writer: Alex Borstein Director: Mimi Leder February 6, 2011 #1.05
Frank has an interesting appointment with his disability doctor, who demands a biopsy of a strange third lump in his scrotum. Kev and Veronica fake a wedding to earn a lump sum of cash from Veronica's deceased father, to be given to her on her wedding day.

Killer Carl Writer: Mike O'Malley Director: John Dahl February 13, 2011 #1.06
Lip gets busted taking the SAT's for a number of other students. Carl gets in trouble at school and the principal demands to see one of Carl's parents, or he will face expulsion.

Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father Writer: Etan Frankel Director: David Nutter February 20, 2011 #1.07
Frank is hunted by two ruthless thugs after he fails to follow through with an illegal money making scheme, and he must repay them $6000. The Gallagher family helps Frank fake his own death to convince the thugs to leave town. Steve takes Fiona to an expensive hotel to get away from her family and work stress. Linda has the cameras at the Kash and Grab fixed, which has implications on Ian's affair with Kash and there is a suprise for Sheila as she does something she hasn't done in years.

It's Time to Kill the Turtle Writer: Nathan Jackson & Nancy M. Pimental Director: Scott Frank February 27, 2011 #1.08
Frank stops drinking (for $3000), which pleases Carl and Debbie, but Lip doesn't believe Frank is capable of two sober weeks. Ian continues his relationship with Mickey. Fiona scrambles to find a better paying job while Steve's past starts catching up with him. Lip tours the University of Chicago campus and is offered an interesting opportunity. Veronica and Kev's foster daughter is a little different than expected, having come from a Mormon polygamous sect.

But at Last Came a Knock Writer: Alex Borstein Director: Mark Mylod March 6, 2011 #1.09
Frank is in line for some settlement money but there's a catch: he needs his missing wife Monica to sign the paperwork. Debbie discovers a secret about Steve, and extorts him to keep it a secret. Ian has an eventful day at work, and Lip does some work for Steve to buy concert tickets for Karen.

Nana Gallagher Had an Affair Writer: Cindy Caponera Director: Adam Bernstein March 13, 2011 #1.10
Liam's paternity test reveals different results than expected, as does another member of the Gallagher family. Karen attends the Purity Ball with her father, Eddie, on the promise that if she "rededicates herself as a virgin", she can have the car. Fiona and Steve move in next door so Fiona can keep an eye on the kids while Monica tries (and fails) to be their mom again.

Daddyz Girl Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: Sanaa Hamri March 20, 2011 #1.11
Amy Smart guest stars as a school-mother in Debbie's class whose take on friendship leaves Fiona a little confused. Steve's "business" finally leads Tony to investigate what he's up to. Lip and Ian go on a search for Ian's real dad. Karen finds an extreme way to pay Eddie back for embarrassing her at the Purity Ball. Frank's worker's compensation is terminated and he searches for a new job to get hurt at.

Father Frank, Full of Grace Writer: John Wells Director: Mark Mylod March 27, 2011 #1.12
Lip and Ian spend the night in jail on grand theft auto charges. Eddie finds out that Frank slept with Karen and goes in search of revenge, later joined by Lip. Fiona has a difficult decision to make when Steve asks her to run away with him to Costa Rica.



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