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Sandy Milkovich is a recurring character introduced in Season 10 of Shameless. She is the cousin of Mickey and Mandy Milkovich.


Season 10

In Citizen Carl, Sandy first appears knocking on the Gallagher's back door to drop some of Mickey's stuff off. Upstairs, she tells Mickey that everyone back home is the same and that once a week, one of his brothers gets drunk and tries to sleep with her. She states she could stay with him and they could have "fun" like they use to. Mickey thinks that's messed up but Sandy doesn't see anything wrong with it, even though Mickey states they're cousins and both gay. Ian walks in and mentions Mickey is taken and says hello to her. When the two of them get all cozy, Sandy remarks about them being in a clingy relationship before they flip her off.

In Debbie Might Be a Prostitute, she is at the Milkovich house helping her uncle, Terry, and his crew. She is shocked when Mickey shows up and asks his father for advice. Sandy is surprised by this and watches the scene before their relatives suggest marriage to Ian. When Terry says Milkovich men only marry women, she states Mickey's gay, she's gay, and that people are gay.

In Location, Location, Location, she arrives at the Gallagher's to show Mickey some wedding rings she stole. She offers her help when noticing Debbie Gallagher needing some help with her bowtie. Debbie then talks about her date night with her girlfriend and her daughter, although neither know about the other, to which Sandy calls Debbie a "little slut". She later visits again to help Mickey with their wedding plans and plans to be his best man. She asks if Mickey really wants to go through with the wedding because Terry was making hollow-tip bullets at home. Later that night, she is sitting on the front porch with Debbie talking about crazy rich people. Carl arrives home from work and tells them he's an undercover cop, with Sandy and Debbie poking fun at him about telling them since he's suppose to be "undercover". Sensing the obvious chemistry between them, Debbie then asks Sandy if she wants to have sex, to which she says yes.

In Gallavich, she wakes up to Franny jumping on the bed. She is talking to Debbie when she suddenly gets out of bed yelling the Bamboo Lotus is on fire. She runs out to the street and sees the smoke. Knowing it was Terry, she chases after Mickey when he becomes furious. He grabs a gun and she jumps him before he can leave. She later mentions they should call everyone and postpone the wedding.

She tries to help find another place for the wedding. When she runs out to catch Debbie, they run into Julia. Sandy teases Debbie on Julia being young. When Julia asks who she is, Sandy states she's Debbie's girlfriend. When Julia says she should get tested for Gonorrhea, Sandy punches her and welcomes her to the Southside.

During the wedding, she walks Mickey down the aisle. She later dances with everyone on the dance floor. When the slow song starts, she holds her hand out for Debbie to dance with her. She is later present at the sendoff for Ian and Mickey.

Season 11

As of This Is Chicago!, Sandy is still seeing Debbie more frequently and at the Gallagher house a lot more. She teases Debbie on her new sex offender status as well as her new slogan for a new welding business. Regardless she is still supportive of her girlfriend as she makes a story on her on Instagram that attracts viral views. At the end, she attends a party at Lip's house along with the Gallagher’s and her cousin Mickey. Near the very end, Sandy and Debbie role-play before having sex.

In NIMBY, Sandy goes with Debbie to the pageant for the southside girls while there she is amused when Veronica out Debbie as a sex offender and Debbie out to Veronica is a drug dealer before they start arguing.

In Slaughter, Sandy is amuse to watch Debbie and Franny get excited for meeting with a female WWE wrestler. However Debbie discovered that Sandy has keys to a car while Sandy shrugs it off it’s nothing important it’s her car was just up the street. Debbie secretly place is a tracker on Sandy’s keys finding out that Sandy was at a bar and some sketchy apartment. Paranoid Debbie goes to confront Sandy at the bar but it’s probably kicked out because of the bouncer who replies as Sandy is not present. Later on Sandy confronts Debbie about her actions and Debbie reveals that she has been stalking Sandy to her tracker and wants to know what’s up. Infuriated by this Sandy reveals that she works as a bartender part time and deliveries for Postmates, has been squatting at the houses of friends, due to the fact that when the pandemic started she was out of work. Sandy questions did the guilty Debbie how they can be in a relationship if they don’t trust one another. Debbie starts to ask her if they really are in a relationship before the sound of a man calling from outside is heard. Alarmed, Sandy drops a bomb on Debbie that the man calling is her husband Royal. This revelation shocks Debbie who watches a Sandy proceeds to run out the back door screaming for her husband to leave her alone.


  • She is the third Milkovich to be involved with one of the Gallaghers.
  • It is unknown if her mother or father is Terry's sibling.
  • She hasn't been seen interacting with her cousin Mandy.
    • It is also unknown what kind of relationship they had.
  • She also never met her cousin Molly Milkovich.
    • It is unknown if she is even aware of Molly.
  • It is unknown if Jamie Milkovich is her brother or cousin.
  • Despite being a lesbian, Sandy was once married to a man. She also implies that she is attracted to Mickey, judging by her stating they had fun as kids and Mickey being disgusted.
  • She is revealed to have a husband Royal, who tried to make a better life for her but it appears that she did not love him.
  • She is Debbie's seventh relationship.
  • According to Carl, Sandy did time in Juvie for assault that left a man's jaw disfigured.
  • She is likely a couple of years older than Debbie, judging from their talks.
  • Sandy reveals that on her birthdays that one of her uncles got drunk and let her shoot one of their guns.
  • Sandy never got to play in a jump house until Franny's birthday party.
  • It is revealed in the episode, Two at a Biker Bar, One in the Lake that Sandy has a son named, Prince.
  • In Two at a Biker Bar, One in the Lake, Royal implies the Sandy was lying about their time together and that he did not force her into a relationship. It is likely this is true because Sandy has not told Debbie the complete truth.