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Samantha "Sammi" Slott is a former main character of Seasons 4 and 5. She is the oldest daughter of Frank Gallagher through his relationship with Queenie Slott, revealed when sought out by Frank when he needs a liver transplant corroded by his alcoholism. Though Sammi is initially distraught by the reveal that Frank is her father, Sammi ultimately warms up to Frank, wanting to experience the father/daughter relationship she had always dreamed of.

Sammi initially exhibits a friendly relationship with the Gallaghers, but as she spends more time with the family, she starts to grow a dislike for them as her time on the show progresses. Sammi ultimately takes the role of main antagonist in season five.


Sammi grew up without a father, and she has had failed luck in marriages. Sammi's portrayer, Emily Bergl, spoke about her character in an interview: "But I do know that Sammi is all about giving love. After all, she’s been married three times and engaged twelve. I think she’d do anything for her new family."

Sammi tends to her father.

When Sammi is first introduced in season four, she is shown to have a caring side through Frank and her son, Chuckie, whom she cares about deeply. Upon learning that Frank was her father, Sammi was upset that he withheld this information; however, she eventually came around to the idea of having a father and bonded with Frank, taking care of him and learning more of her family. After meeting her half-siblings, Sammi hoped to be seen as a member of the family and tried to fill in the role of big sister. There are many instances of her being there for her family, such as guiding Debbie through her first period, supporting Carl when he gets suspended, bringing the Alibi Room to a sick Frank and covering for Fiona about Jimmy. Sammi also shares many Gallagher traits, seen by knowledge of scamming people, her promiscuous nature and violent tendencies.

Despite these instances of Sammi's caring nature, Sammi also shares many antagonistic traits, most notably in the fifth season. She is shown to have a warped view of love and family, such as shooting Frank in the arm to get him to admit she needed him. By the end of the fifth season, Sammi has grown a dislike for the Gallaghers, as they do not see her as a member of the family.


She was born to Frank Gallagher and Queenie Slott, her father was never in her life because he initially wanted her aborted and thought himself unfit. Samantha often wondered about her father and sought to build a relationship with him.

She lives in a trailer in a rundown neighborhood with just her young son, Chuckie. It is not revealed who fathered Chuckie.

Season 4

After Fiona refused to be a donor for his liver, Frank reveals the existence of his oldest child. The news of another sibling, greatly shocked Fiona in My Oldest Daughter.

In Like Father, Like Daughter, Frank with help from Carl and track her down to her trailer and she is unaware that he's her father upon meeting him, though she is sexually attracted to him and goes on dates with him.

During Strangers on a Train, Frank accidentally reveals the truth of their relationship when she informs him that she cannot give him her liver, as she is not a match. Although initially enraged at her unintentional supposed moral crime, she tracks him down and quickly accepts him back, reconciling and bonding.

In There's the Rub, Sammi continues to bond with Frank and goes to the Gallagher Household where she hoped to meet her new siblings but none were present. Later on, she helps him with trying to get a check for his liver surgery. Very soon, she meets one of his other children Carl and she is excited at meeting part of her extended family and introduces her son to him while he is less than pleased to have another older sister.

In Iron City, they connect more as she takes Frank to hospices but he refuses to stay and she takes him home. She becomes his caretaker and Frank explains that his estrangement from her stems from his youthful immaturity when he became a father, his initial desire to abort her, and his uncertainty about how he impregnated her mother. While she is hurt at first, she lets it go after he calls her a miracle for how she turned and has him look into hospices. Much later, she is found tending to Frank by Carl and informs of the events of their father nearly dying in the lodge, causing him to later burn it down. Sammi later meets her father's other kids (except Fiona and Ian) at the hospital to reclaim Liam, Sammi excitedly hugs Debbie when she arrives. Sammi is excited to have siblings while they are surprised their father had another daughter.

In A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, And Parasitic Twin, Sammi has taken to living with the other Gallaghers at their home where she is initially not accepted, since her siblings see her as a stranger but let her stay to tend to Frank and give her a chance though warn her of Frank's real personality. It is here where she meets Fiona, who is shocked to see her. While tending to Frank, she continues to learn about her family, finding out about her father's upbringing with his siblings and his abusive parents. Sammi later gives him drugs but he was found unconscious. When Lip finds out about her breaking this rule, he kicks her out along with Frank and Chuckie. They move into the house of Sheila, since she left for a while.

In Hope Springs Paternal, Sammi goes to get supplies for her father and meets her siblings again. She calls them out on their lack of concern to their father, even with their experience with him. Later on, the younger Gallagher children visit them and Sammi is happy when they give her a chance. She bonds with Debbie, finding it nice to give sisterly advice about her period and sex. With Debbie starting to accept her as family since Fiona had problems. Sammi thanks Debbie for letting her fulfill a role of a sister and helps Carl with a scam for money. Sammi also takes her father to Carl's teacher conference and watches him justify Carl's attack, since the bullies were insulting Liam. She states she is proud of him, as she escorts him out.

During The Legend of Bonnie & Carl, Sammi invites a paramedic to help Frank in exchange for sexual favors. After he supplies what little help he could provide, he has Sammi act on her payment and she gives him a blowjob while crying. Later, Sheila returns home and is has a request of Frank but he is not present and Sammi sees him outside trying to get to the Alibi but she stops him. When Frank states he shouldn't have looked for her, she is upset but gets him back in the house while telling him that she has something for him. Sammi brings Frank downstairs, where he finds she has invited Kermit, Tommy, and Kev to the Jackson House to help make Frank's last days great. She enjoys the sight of Frank smiling at the bar being brought to him and gives Sammi a smile as thanks.

In Liver, I Hardly Know Her, Sammi and Sheila save up money to get Frank a new liver but it turns out to be a scam and Frank's kidney is stolen As a result, Frank goes to the hospital and Sammi is present when Frank is getting married to Sheila but she is shocked to see the doctors rush him out and tell her that he will get a new liver.

In Emily, Sammi watches Carl wake Frank up and she is pleased by his recovery but confused by his delirium.

As of Lazarus, she visits her father and is happy when he wakes up. Sammi is pleased that Frank's delirium has worn off after he recognizes her and she updates him on his marriage to Sheila and new kids. Sammi later starts fighting with Sheila over who should visit Frank, before security comes and Carl sneaks in the hospital room. Afterward, Sammi and Sheila enter to find Frank is gone. Unbeknownst to them, while they are distracted by security, Carl left the hospital with Frank. At the end, Sammi moves her trailer to the Jackson House before Sheila makes amends with her by telling her that she cooked for them and Sammi accepts the gesture.

Season 5

She occasionally gets into conflict with Sheila over the care of her father.

In "Rite of Passage", Sammi has taken to living with her siblings at Gallagher Household, after her trailer is destroyed. Sammi tries to help out in anyway to be accepted but is seen as a pest by them though they start to open up. Samantha tries to move her trailer but is prevented by zoning rules. Sammi gains hope when Frank promises to give her a new trailer and she is excited. She goes to The Alibi Room, where she tries to flirt with Mikhailo "Mickey" Aleksandr Milkovich but he reveals he is gay. Later on, Sammi learns from Debbie that Frank lied and sarcastically welcomes her to being a Gallagher for their father's lies.

In "Crazy Love", she takes over as the big sister and helps Fiona in caring for their siblings. She treats her father with disdain, after her eyes have been opened by the other kids. Sammi takes to bonding with the family like congratulating Debbie on entering High School and Fiona's marriage. Along with her family, she spies on Fiona and Jimmy Lishman who was surprised to learn of her. After her siblings leave when seeing Fiona and Jimmy kiss, Sammi stays to watch them. The next day, she covers for her sister when her husband shows up after Fiona had an affair with Jimmy.

Later on in Tell Me You F**king Need Me, she continues her role as caretaker for the house. She soon shoots Frank in the arm to see if he really cares about her, after he states he does she breaks down in joy while her siblings are in shock. Sammi then takes her father to get tended to at the hospital.

During Uncle Carl, Sammi blames Carl Gallagher for Chuckie being arrested on counts of possession.

At the end of South Side Rules, Sammi calls the military police and tells them where Ian is. He then gets arrested and the entire Gallagher family turns on Sammi for the remainder of her time until she is incarcerated after trying to shoot Mickey.

In Drugs Actually, she takes a roofie and was thought to be dead by Mickey and Debbie then put into a crate. She is later seen alive been driven to an unknown location at the end of the episode.

Season 6

While in prison, she is called by her son who tells her of being out of a home. Sammi tells Chuckie that someone will claim him and she is revealed to have contacted her mother Queenie Slott to retrieve him.

Episode Appearances



  • Frank kept tabs on her while she was growing up.
  • According to her mother, it took her years to finish middle school.
  • She is one of the few Gallagher children to call Frank "Dad".
  • Although she is said to be Frank's oldest daughter, it is hinted Frank may have even more children that may be older than her.
  • When she first met Liam, she remarked on him being black, showing she is unaware that her great grandfather was black.
  • Unlike her half-siblings, she never met her paternal grandmother Peggy Gallagher who died seasons before she was introduced.
    • She learned about her grandmother from her father.
  • She never met her uncles: Jerry, Clayton, and Wyatt.
  • She never met her extended family members: her grandfather, great aunt Ginger Gallagher, her great uncle George, and cousins Jacob, Patrick, Warren, Ellen, and Desmond.
  • She never met her step-mother Monica.
  • She never met her niece and nephews: Frances Harriet Gallagher, Freddie Gallagher & Carl's Children.
  • She has had many surgeries done onto her body.
  • She possesses many similarities to her siblings and father, which makes it clear she is a Gallagher.
    • She is violent like them.
    • She has attacked her father.
    • Drinks like them.
    • She is a skilled con-artist like her father.
    • Will do anything for her family as seen with her father and son.
    • Is promiscuous like them.
    • She has been to prison like Fiona and Ian.
  • It is ironic that she tried to kill Mickey, considering that in season 10 Mickey would become her brother-in-law from his marriage to Ian.
  • Sammi has made no further appearances, since Season five but she is mentioned in season six and seven by Ian and Mickey.
  • It is unknown how long her prison sentence is.
  • It is unknown if she ever learned of Frank's death.