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Ruby Hepburn was the flirtatious and crime prone niece of Mimi Tutton. She arrived on the Estate in Series 9 for reasons that were never revealed. Showing herself to be just as fiery and capable as her aunt Mimi and cousins, she quickly knocked out Aidan Croker and friends when they asked to see her breasts before breaking into the Maguire house. Ruby also quickly established that she was fully aware of her power over men and flirted with her "uncle" Billy (who is a couple of years a junior) and cousin Jamie before going for a run through the estate in a small top and shorts.

Ruby was the daughter of Kenny, one of Mimi's brothers, who reportedly died in Episode 4 of Series 4, where Mimi witnessed his funeral in Australia via a live-feed over the internet. It was revealed in Episode 10 of Series 10 that Kenny was a heroin addict who made many failed attempts at fresh starts.

Shane in particular had a crush on Ruby, despite her being his cousin. At one point Mimi was getting annoyed at Ruby shirking her household chores and Ruby lied saying she had found a possibly cancerous lump on her breast as a spur of the moment excuse. Shane offered to drive her to the doctors but when he found out the truth even he was disgusted, seeing his reaction Ruby came onto him and offered him sex to keep quiet. However this only disgusted Shane more and he left her there before driving off.[1]

At the end of Series 9 Ruby was among the group of residents that got trapped underground in a plan to rob Manchesters former War Rooms (now owned by the Lottery) that went horribly wrong.[2][3]

As a result of a quickly escalating argument with her aunt, Ruby died after falling out of Mimi's bedroom window after taking Mimi hostage.[4] Mimi had spent the day insulting both Ruby and her father, Kenny who was a heroin addict and Ruby finally snapped. She revealed that she had always hated Mimi as her father never get his inheritance as it all went to Mimi and Paddy who she said got her father hooked on heroin (though Mimi told her Kenny started using heroin in his teens) so they could get him cut out of his father's will. Mimi continued to insult Ruby and her father even after Ruby locked them both in Mimi's bedroom, tied her up and held a knife to her throat. Jamie and Billy were outside and trying to talk Ruby down however when Mimi stated that they didn't take her threat seriously she stabbed Mimi in the leg. Mimi was losing blood and growing pale but Ruby couldn't see a way out of the situation and began panicking, even asking for £50,000 half heartedly. In order to save Mimi, Jamie and Billy began pushing against the door with all their strength and seeing the pile of furniture she had stacked against the door beginning to move, Ruby got behind a wardrobe to attempt to hold the door closed. However with one mightily push, the furniture gave way and Ruby was flung through the window and onto the ground below where she died instantly.

The Maguires brought Ruby's corpse back into the house to discuss how best to dispose of her, with everyone being shockingly calm about her death. Mimi suggested they say she ran away with a boyfriend and bury her in a shallow grave. Jamie also took the body to The Jockey in a wheelie bin to explain his absence to Karen and to convince her they needed to both make the decisions in their marriage. Karen was visibly shaken and horrified after seeing Ruby's body and asked if Jamie had murdered her before being told what happened.

Ruby was buried near a river which is shown on the Post Credit Scene of the same episode.