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Roxy Ball (née Benson) was the first wife of Kevin Ball, little known on the Chatsworth Estate due to her being in prison on a GBH charge, thanks to anger problems which were exacerbated by her rampant alcoholism. Kev had no contact with her but assumed she had moved on, or at least accepted that their relationship had ended. Upon proposing to Veronica Fisher, Kev attempted to discreetly divorce Roxy, but his efforts  were hampered when she was found to be unreachable in prison, forcing him to continued take part in a non-legally binding marriage to Veronica.

However, when Kev's mother committed suicide he found a number of letters from Roxy in her house, which were filled with the strong feelings Roxy still had for Kev. Naturally Roxy soon arrived on the Chatsworth Estate to see Kev, recently released from prison and hearing of his mother's death she saw her chance to rekindle their old relationship. Everyone but Veronica accepted her tales of rehabilitation and prison changing her for the better, and Roxy soon started her manipulation and quiet goading to split Kev and Veronica up. Even going as far as to falsely claim she and Kev had a son that she had to put up for adoption.

Roxy almost succeeded in ending Kev and Veronica's 10 year relationship, but when Kev angrily told her than their marriage was over and there would never be any future for them she started drinking again. After assaulting Jez she left The Jockey to find Veronica and have a final showdown of sorts.

Roxy and Veronica got into a violent fight that ended with Roxy pulling a knife and threatening to stab the assortment of Carol, Marty, Lip, Ian and Kev who came running when they heard the comotion. Luckily, Carol was able to smash a wine bottle over her head and knock her out just as she lunged angrily at Kev for calling her a "crazy fucking bitch" in response to her lies about them having a child together.

The last that was seen of Roxy Ball was her struggling violently while being led away by two police officers.