Rosie Buchan was an Antiques dealer who met Frank on a bus journey. Frank was forced to ride the bus to his five-day Restart Course or else lose his benefits, but he quickly found a silver lining in Rosie who gave him a handkerchief when he got exhaust fumes in his eyes.

They saw each other on the bus the next day and sat together to talk and later met by chance in a cafe where they learned more about each other. Rosie mentioned that she had a husband of 22 years, Peter and that she worked in antiques which mostly amounted to selling the possessions of the elderly when they passed away.

When asked what he did for a living, Frank mentioned his course but tried to lie and say it was management related before Rosie kindly said that the job didn't make the man. Frank admitted that he had been on the dole so long they were sending him on a Restart Course and she repeated her line that it didn't matter. Frank also briefly mentioned Monica, referring to her as "small and mental".

They continued to talk for well over an hour and took the same bus home, with Frank seizing his chance and asking if he could see her again to spend time with her. They made plans to meet in the same cafe the next day.

Rosie was late to the cafe the next day, mentioning that she was waiting at an auction for an item to come up. She and Frank again spent a long time talking before going to Rosie's house. There she mentioned her daughter Ellis and how she was a lawyer in London. They suddenly began kissing and sank to the sofa to make love, with Frank commenting that it's the first time he has had sex sober and Rosie saying it was the first time she has had sex and meant it since she was young.

They meet in the safe cafe the next day but are interrupted when Norma walks in. Norma took what she had seen straight to Monica while Rosie and Frank went to her house. Frank began making plans for their new life, stating that Norma could take Monica back and Rosie's husband Peter could look after himself. However Rosie revealed that Peter had pre-senile dementia and was in a nursing home temporarily, saying that she couldn't leave him.

Rosie pointed out that they could continue as they had been doing, having an affair of sorts but Frank was unwilling to sneak around and didn't see it as "better than nothing" as Rosie said. They were unwilling to find a compromise and Rosie went on to reveal that Peter had a place in a nursing home on the South Coast where he was from so she would be moving soon.

They made love one last time and took the bus together to say goodbye but as Rosie was going to say something, Mimi Maguire got on the bus and began a long monologue expressing her annoyance at various trivialties. Frank squeezed Rosie's shoulder as he got off the bus and watched it drive away with his voice over saying that he never saw her again.

Frank went on to lay down in the road in the hope of getting run over by Lillian but she crashed before reaching him and he went home to Monica. Monica commented that he had been a long way away but she was glad he had come back to her, going on to warn him that if he ever considered something similar again she would personally "neuter" him.

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