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Rose Gallagher was the paternal grandmother of Frank Gallagher and his brothers, as well as the great grandmother of the Gallagher children.


She was mentioned by Frank as Nana Gallagher in the season 1 episode Nana Gallagher Had an Affair, stating that she there was rumours she had an affair with a Black Saxophone Player, resulting in Frank's father.

During season 4, Frank has his daughter Samantha make him soup and he remarks it is just like Nana Gallagher made.

She was again mentioned by Frank in the season 6 episode Paradise Lost, telling his daughter, Debbie, to name her unborn daughter after her, saying that "Rose Gallagher" has a ring to it.


  • She has at least two children; Frank's father and Ginger Gallagher.
    • She possibly has another son, an uncle Frank mentioned in an earlier season.
    • She must have one more child, due to the case due to her grandson Patrick.
  • Frank appears to of had a good relationship with his grandmother what it is unknown how she treated her other grandsons.
  • It is unknown what terms she was on with her son and daughter.
  • It is unknown if she ever got along with her daughter-in-law Peggy.