Roberta "Bob" was the partner of Monica Gallagher during season 1.

Season 1

She visited the Gallaghers when Frank pretended to be someone else and sent Monica to a local shop where she thought she had won a stuffed animal. It was actually a ploy by Frank to try to get Monica to sign off on settlement money.

While the couple were there, Roberta told them that she and Monica had been planning on visiting anyway as they wanted to take Liam to live with them. When the shocked family refused, Roberta told them that a black child needs to be raised by a black parent.

Utterly disgusted with her mother showing up after so much time and trying to take one of the children, Fiona told them that she was giving up and left Monica and Roberta to look after the children.

Roberta and Monica do a paternity test on Liam, with both being shocked that Frank actually is the biological father of the child but both wanted Frank to sign over parental rights of him.

Season 2

During Season 2 Fiona walked up to Roberta while she was cleaning her truck. As Fiona approached Roberta told her that she likes to wash her truck late in the day as in the sun the water dries too fast and can leave spots. Fiona then went on to tell Roberta that Monica needed her and that she was the best thing that happened to her. Possibly upset with the fact that Monica went back to Frank, Roberta dismissed her and said she wanted nothing to do with her old love. Roberta continiued by saying that love was nothing to do with it, and that living with Monica was like living with a black hole, draining her spirit and her bank account by spending it on Meditation Retreats and half finished home renovations. Roberta explained that Monica went back to Frank after he spoke to her, upset about his mother's death. Fiona and Roberta agreed that the couple are both pathetic but Roberta ended the conversation by pointing out that Monica was their problem now.


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Season 1

Season 2


  • She prefers to be called Bob, allowing only Monica to call her Roberta.
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