Risky Business is the fifth episode of the eleventh and final series of Shameless.


Avril looses her job but Patreesha is more than happy to get her work at the car wash she and her husband own, after some condescending sisterly comments of course. However her smug comments about how the car wash earns more than any other in the area don't last when she realizes it is being used as front to sell gay oral sex. Avril is left confused though when Patreesha seems more bothered by the homosexuals than the prostitution, especially since she was never homophobic in her younger days.

Kassi is found by the police, arrested and denied bail but Esther isn't bothered, much to Jamie and Karen's confusion.

Chesney goes to buy a fridge for Chesco from a closing vintage chemist but ends up with more than he bargained for when the woman who works there, Remona, exhibits the strange ability to convince him of anything. She manages to talk him into buying all the shops furniture to expand Chesco by adding a pharmacy on top of hiring her as a business partner.

Meanwhile, Mary Mae is left feeling jealous when Chesney is unconvinced by her talk of expanding the shop only to listen to Remona when she raises the exact same plan.

Post Credit Scene

Chesney and Remona are seen in Chesco with Remona standing on a step ladder to remove all the porn magazines from the rack. She piles them all up in Chesney's arms, looking annoyed. Suddenly Chesney sighs and exclaims "even Big Soapy Tit Wank? Jesus!" but Remona simply looks at something behind him before nodding her head. Chesney turns to see Mary Mae entering the shop, looking shocked and amused.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast



Mimi: Nature versus nurture, he never had your upbringing see.
Jamie: You do realize that all three of us have been in prison at least once?
Mimi: Yeah, but for proper fucking stuff, not signing forms in the wrong name or 
whatever. Anyway, these days we're respectable.
Shane: How's the magic mushroom business going mam?
Mimi: Really good son.
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