Revelations is the eighth episode of the fourth series of Shameless.


Paddy is unhappy after learning of the death of an old business partner and former cellmate, called Izzy Ahmed. Later he learns of the deaths of two other such men, called Felix Fawcett and Ronny Cohen. Paddy is saddened by their deaths, but even more upset thinking that whoever arranged their deaths may be gunning for him as well.

Karen and Jamie prepare for their upcoming nuptials, but Jamie keeps mysteriously leaving for hours at a time. Meanwhile, Karen's feud with her future mother-in-law, Mimi, continues when Mimi manipulates her daughter Mandy into fighting her battles for her. An incident causes Lip and Jamie to come to blows.

Carl goes on a burgalry spree in order to raise money for an abortion when Meena informs him that he got her pregnant however when he is forced to come clean to Yvonne he finds himself in the clear.

Norma spares no expense in furnishing up the camper van, with the aim of enticing Monica away from Frank. Lip gets a letter from the University of Nottingham, accepting his application, which puts a predictable strain on his relationship with Mandy.

Post Credit Scene

Paddy is seen back with the Doctor from earlier in the episode. He asks if the doctor has a "tonic" of any sort to stop him from destroying the mobile phones (which he refers to as "Devil's Dildos") of passing strangers which he does at that very moment by hitting one repeatedly against the desk. A short series of clips then plays which shows Paddy destroying mobile phones at various times before returning to show the very nervous looking doctor leaning back in his chair. Paddy tells him to sleep on it then get's up to leave before looking back and telling the very scared looking doctor to lighten up a bit, commenting that he looks "fucked". Paddy continues to survey the doctor before quickly telling him to get some sleep during the fire drill and then setting off the fire alarm by elbowing through the glass.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Ann Rye - Evelyn
  • Henry Miller - GP
  • Eleanor Garside - Wedding Quartet Member
  • Paris Graham - Wedding Quartet Member
  • Olivia Devlin - Wedding Quartet Member
  • Lucy Baines - Wedding Quartet Member
  • Ken Bradshaw - Colin
  • Kiran Shaw - Mr Cosy
  • Shobu Kapoor - Umi Karib
  • Darren Jones - Gregory
  • Sarah Patel - Meena Karib
  • Quasim Akhter - Chesney Karib


  • Narrator: Paddy Maguire. This is the first episode to be narrated by a member of the Maguire family.
  • Final appearance of Carol Fisher, who leaves Chatsworth in the gap between Series 4 and 5.
  • First official appearance of Meena and Chesney Karib, even though two Asian children appeared with Yvonne in Series 1, they were not named.
  • Meena Karib was portrayed by Sarah Patel in this episode, but would be replaced by Sarah Byrne in Series 5 and 6.
  • This is the last episode written by show creator and executive producer Paul Abbott until the show's 100th Episode in Series 8.
  • This episode reveals that the true reason for Fergal Maguire's murder was due to Paddy's former associates and cell-mates trying to move in on his patch in Chatsworth, rather than the revenge of a rival crime family as Jamie led his family to believe in Episode 3 of this series.
  • One noticeable scene, where Mimi is having dinner with Shane, Micky and an extra son (possibly representing Joey), involves Mimi asking all three indirectly why they never eat at their own homes, suggesting that prior to (or even during) Series 4 some of the Maguire sons were located on the estate, but were just not living with Paddy and Mimi. This could help to explain the inconsistency as to how the Maguire sons appear on the show, such as why Micky and Shane didn't appear earlier on.
  • While the opening title sequences can change within a series, usually using the same speech by Frank but just editing in or out the presence of certain characters who depart/appear the main cast. Some drastic changes to the opening title sequences, involving new speeches for Frank. Oddly, this episode introduces the 3rd title sequence change of this series, the first brand new opening title sequence, complete with a new speech from Frank, here rather than at the start of Series 5, marking the start of a new era.
  • Fergal's mirrored memorial plaque is seen smashing when a young hearing impaired girl's hearing aid malfunctions in the Maguire house.
  • Quasim Akhter is credited with the lesser used form of his name. After joining the cast as a regular he is ever after credited as 'Qasim Akhtar'.


Paddy: [crying] How does a guy not feel threatened by mortality when he's lost 
two of his closest friends and worst debters within the space of a month. Could 
Doctor: [scared] What I meant earlier was, it's possible, that your in the throes 
of a depression
Paddy: What you said was dangerously offensive to a man of my constitution, 
depressed for fucks sake!
Doctor: I-I think what I meant was a depression by proxy. A pretend depression if 
you will.
Paddy: What kind of stunts to you have to fix this little fucker then?
Doctor: Anti-depressants..but, um, placebo-esque ones. For pretend 
Paddy: Right you are, thank you.
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