Episode 911 is the eleventh episode of the ninth series of Shameless. It is the second instalment of a two-parter which ended this series.


The situation underground is perilous for the trapped five and the pressure builds as truths, lies and confessions abound. Frank's adult life has come full circle, rat run to rat run.

Jamie worries Karen may uncover the truth about his affair with Gloria. Ruby wants to be accepted as a Maguire, while Aidan is sick of being treated like the idiot child.

Frank finds the brick he carved into all those years ago with his 35-year-old time capsule. But the overwhelming worry comes from the realisation that nobody knows where they are.

Desperate and worried, Karen searches for clues, while Gloria wrestles with her guilt over Jamie.

Shane's plans discovered, a search party is swiftly formed, but time isn't on their side and decisions have to be made whether to involve the authorities for help.

Post Credit Scene

Billy and Shane are seen sat at a table in a completely blacked out room. Billy asks if Shane has any plans for the summer to which Shane replies with a story of how he would like to go "extreme camping" on a Safari. The conversation turns to Billy's plans, which turn out to be trying for another baby with Shane's mother Mimi. Billy soon makes the mistake of being too detailed about sex with Mimi, even going so far as to imitate her orgasm noise. Billy suddenly realizes his mistake when he sees Shane's face and after the screen goes black Billy's screams of pain can be heard.


Regular Cast


  • Narrator: Frank Gallagher.
  • Many elements of the story of this episode appear to be referencing the Chilean Mining Accident of 2010.
  • This episode credited no guest cast, beyond regular extras only the main cast starred.


Jamie: Jackson! Stay where you are mate, we've got a huge problem in here!
Billy: How unpopular are you, even buried people don't want to see you!
Avril: And where are you going?
Letitia: Get wasted and shag bareback in a bus shelter.
Avril: So long as your back by eleven!
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