Queenie Slott is the mother of Samantha Slott and the ex-girlfriend of Frank Gallagher. She first appears in NSFW to collect a homeless Chuckie Slott and reconnects with Frank.


Quennie is a confident, somewhat promiscuous woman who is very environmentally-conscious. She believes strongly in herbal healing methods and has been described as being a hippie.


Quennie is very beautiful, with naturally dark hair which she dyes in platinum blonde. She has light blue eyes and fair skin.



At some point in the past, she had a relationship with Frank Gallagher and they had a daughter Samantha Slott. The relationship did not last as Frank would leave her since he didn't think he could handle raising a child. Queenie went on to raise her daughter alone, seemingly not telling her about her father as the latter was unaware of who he was years later. It is also presumed that Queenie gave Frank the information about their daughter, as he knew her name and where to find her.

She became the grandmother of Chuckie Slott, who she appears close with.

Season 6

Quennie is introduced in NSFW when she comes to claim her grandson after his mother Sammi was imprisoned. She is happy to see Chuckie again before seeing Frank again as he is surprised to see ex-girlfriend, whom he still harbors a deep attraction to. The pair begin kissing immediately, to the disgust of their grandson.

After the Gallaghers reclaim their home, Queenie and Frank have sex with him quickly becoming attached. He repeatedly asks Quennie to stay, but she doesn't want to leave the commune where she works as a healer. Eventually, after meeting Debbie and learning of her pregnancy, Quennie decides to stay due to Frank's promise that he's changed and wants her in his life.

In "Be a Good Boy. Come for Grandma", Quennie slips into the place as the Head of the Gallagher household. She prepares an all-organic breakfast for the Gallaghers and when they attempt to leave without eating she demands that they stay and eat "like a family".

Queenie continues her role and is accepted by the family as she cooks and cleans for them. She also gives them strange but helpful advice.

In A Yurt of One's Own, Quennie takes a pregnant Debbie to the commune with her, alongside Frank, who's running from G-Doggg, Carl's ex-drug lord.


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