Pilot is the very first episode of the US version of Shameless. It originally aired on January 9, 2011.


Fiona's purse is stolen on a night out with Veronica, but a handsome stranger named Steve does his best to retrieve it. He's unsuccessful, but earns an invite back to the Gallagher house when he defends the girls by punching an infamous bouncer who insults them.

They have sex on the kitchen floor but are soon interrupted by local cops dropping off a completely drunk Frank. Steve returns the next day to ask Fiona out, but she resists his offers and all but insults him. Steve refuses to accept her refusal however and begins sending her gifts with the hope of winning her heart. Finally she agrees to go out on a real date and is surprised when she discovers the secret behind Steve's profession.

Lip discovers a stash of gay porn in the bedroom he shares with Ian, but he is unwilling to accept his brother's sexuality and so takes him to Karen who recently rewarded Lip for tutoring her with oral sex. Things go horribly wrong however when Karen's father Eddie catches her giving Ian oral sex and chases the Gallagher brothers from the house before leaving his wife.

Lip discovers Ian's affair with his married boss Kash when he almost catches them in the act.


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Fiona: Who's got the jumbo-dog?
Customer: How'd you know?
Fiona: X-ray vision.

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