Perfectly Frank is the first episode of the seventh series of Shameless.


It's Frank's 50th and Liam has the dubious honour of sharing the auspicious day with him on his 11th birthday. Uncharacteristically, Frank snubs the chance of a party, and instead opts to dwell in his own lonely loveless existence until Libby, a local librarian falls into his life.

His passion reignited, a whirlwind romance ensues - but will Libby's mother Patty (a full-time wheelchair user), bibliophile activists and riot police stand in the way of Frank holding onto his new love?

Meanwhile, Liam's inherited the dirty nappies, rubber gloves and responsibility of the Gallagher household. Nin, Liam's great grandmother, offers to move in and help ease his burden, but a selfish Frank rejects her. Liam is infuriated. Unable to cope herself, Nin is spurred into homicidal action and in turn teaches Liam a priceless lesson in surviving as a Gallagher.

Elsewhere, whilst an overdue Karen worries about the paternity of her unborn baby, an oblivious Jamie and the rest of the Maguire clan prepare for the imminent arrival. Joe lurks in the background, but a medical emergency soon brings him to the fore and back in favour with the Maguires.

Post Credit Scene

Shane and Micky Maguire are seen briefly chasing sheep through a field before the camera cuts to Mimi and Karen in the The Jockey. Karen looks at the menu on the wall where every item is lamb based and tells Mimi she thinks they should have more of a variety but Mimi replies that she is just trying to make sure everyone has a "bit of meat and two vege[tables] inside them". The camera then cuts back to Shane and Micky chasing the sheep in a field before Paddy appears and takes aim at the fleeing animals with a shotgun, the scene finishes just before a gun shot is heard.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Edna Doré - Nin
  • Anthony Grundy - Cop


  • Narrator: Liam Gallagher
  • Introduction of Libby and Patty Croker.
  • Karen Maguire gives birth to her son, Connor.
  • Frank's 50th birthday and Liam's 11th.
  • Monica is mentioned and seen in a photo and flashback, Debbie is mentioned and seen in a photo along with Sheila Jackson and Fiona.
  • The episode begins approximately nine months after the end of Series 6.
  • According to Nin, Debbie has joined the army some time between the events of Series 6 and 7. Which practically puts Liam in charge of the household.
  • Liam turns 11, even though he was three years old in Series 1 in 2004, which would have realistically made him nine years old in 2009-10.
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