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Paula Bitterman was the crooked parole officer of Ian Gallagher and later Mickey Milkovich.


During Sparky, a recently released Ian goes to see his parole officer. He is directed to Paula who is revealed to be a crooked woman that makes him do shady paramedic work. Paula is shown to not have a good standing, since the other parolee's all warn Ian about her and he is coerced to do her dirty work to avoid going to jail again.

In Adios Gringos, Paula pays a visit to the Gallagher Household after being alerted of Ian going against protocol. Paula scares Ian's brother Lip with her gun and demands Ian who comes down with his boyfriend Mickey Milkovich. After Ian nervously greets her, she notices Mickey and recognizes him as a Milkovich. She learns he is on parole and asked under who until learning its Larry Seaver. She states if she had Mickey then she would've really moved up. She shifts her attention back to Ian and takes him for a ride. Ian accepts that she might send him back to jail but she still has use for him, though teaches him a lesson. She ties him up, strips him to his underwear, places ground beef on his lap and threatens to release her dog on him to eat and maul him in the process. Ian is scared and promised to obey her rules and he is released from the chair.

In Citizen Carl, Paula sees Ian arrive to work, as his coworkers implores him to take it and run but Paula promptly steals the check for his previous discretion. With this, Ian belatedly realizes that's why he was warned to run. Paula goes to the mall, where she finds Ian eating lunch with Mickey and sits at their table. She once more antagonizes the pair. After Mickey remarks that he's happy that she isn't his parole officer, Paula reveals that she pulled some strings with Larry and is now Mickey's parole officer as well. Paula remarks that she will make good use with him since he's a Milkovich. Soon she has Ian and Mickey track down a rogue but he runs after hearing her voice. Once Mickey catches him, she urges Mickey to throw the man out a window. After Mickey complies, Paula has Ian help the injured man.

During Debbie Might Be a Prostitute, Paula was at her hotel when she notices someone and is startled by their appearance. She is unable to do much before she is pushed out of the window, falling from a high height. She hits the ground and dies instantly. Her death is reported to Ian and Mickey who both suspect the other of the event. However, it is revealed Paula was killed by Shelly, one of the women she was the parole officer and lover of.

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  • She was familiar with the Milkovich Family and their reputation.
  • Paula owned a dog called Biscuit.
  • It is unknown how long she ran her scam.
  • She is similar to Frank.
    • Both are scammers.
    • Both are addicts.
    • Both are manipulative.
    • Both of them have been thrown out of a window but the key difference is Frank survived with minor injuries while Paula died.