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Patricia Finola "Patty" Croker is the wheel chair bound mother of Libby Croker who moved into the Gallagher house with her daughter in Series 7. She is mortal enemies with Frank Gallagher, who she sees as both a waste of space and opponent for her daughter's attention.

It was revealed in Series 8 that Patty had faked her disability for the past 30 years when Frank catches her standing up. Patty had fallen down the stairs on the day before her daughter, Libby's first wedding and was left disabled but she admitted that this had all been a lie to keep Libby from marrying and by her side. Frank used this knowledge to his own advantage, demanding a large percentage of her disability benefits in return for his silence. But his dislike for Patty gets in the way of his own greed when she admits Libby had wanted to forgive Frank for cheating and give him another chance but Patty had admitted the truth about her disability so that her daughter wouldn't feel obligated to stay. Frank lost his temper at this remark and began to tell everyone in The Jockey the truth but when they wouldn't believe him he began bending Patty's toes while everyone shouted in disgust. Patty was able to keep herself from not reacting but this proved to only annoy Frank further so he pushed her out of her wheelchair which was too fair for the Jockey's patrons, who dived on Frank to pull him away.

In the confusion, Patty couldn't help herself and kicked Frank in the crotch but she was spotted doing so by Mimi Maguire and was forced to walk out of the Jockey. Frank later went to her and agreed to take a smaller percentage of her disability benefits in return for not reporting her for benefit fraud but Patty informs him that he is too late as someone had beaten him to it and done just that. Patty later begins roller skating in front of the Karib's Shop and explains how she was to be the first Irish female in the Olympics for skating but had fallen pregnant with Libby. She had wanted an abortion but her father found out and locked her in her room until it was too late, so she later stole the life of her daughter by pretending to be disabled in the same way her daughter stole her chance of Olympic glory. The residents were unimpressed with her story and left her to depart the estate.

She wasn't gone long however before she returned with a group of Christian missionaries lead by Jesus O'Toole. She and Frank spent a brief moment of friendliness together where they shared some Cannabis and Patty asked if Frank had heard from Libby, revealing that contrary to her apathetic attitude previously she was desperate for contact with her daughter. She and Frank soon got into one of their usual arguments and Frank told her that by pretending to be so Christian and righteous she was lying to herself to which she replied that if she were lying, may God strike her down and at that moment she slipped on a roller skate and fell down the stairs. Later in hospital it was revealed that she had been left disabled, just as she had pretended for so many years. She black mailed Frank by threatening to tell people he had pushed her down the stairs if he did not allow her to move back into the Gallagher house. Frank resisted at first but Patty soon showed how believable a liar she could be and he gave in.

In Episode 9 of Series 10, it was discovered that Patty had been diagnosed with cancer. In Episode 10, Frank was talked by Kelly and Karen into breaking the news to Patty, who confirmed she already knew. She made a request to Frank that she could see Ireland one last time. But Frank had no money to take Patty abroad, and no one at The Jockey was willing or able to pay her way, so Frank took Patty to a beach near Liverpool, where she could view the shoreline of Ireland in the distance. Patty soon asked Frank to take her down to the beach while the sea was at low-tide to get a better view. She asked Frank to come back in an hour. However, Frank got drunk and stayed away for too long. By the next day, Frank awoke and remembered where Patty was, and rushed to the beached to find her wheelchair vacant and stuck in the sand. Remorseful, Frank hoped she "made it" to Ireland. Frank would claim that Patty left with some old flame of hers later at The Jockey. Kelly disbelieved Frank, but sought assurance that she was fine, which Frank affirmed without any conviction.

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