Patrick Gallagher is Frank's cousin, a minor character in the series, who makes two brief appearances in Season 3 and Season 6.


Season 3

In Where There's a Will, he meets the rest of his extended family and fights with Fiona over the Gallagher House. Patrick tricks Fiona and gains ownership of the house, thereby becoming her landlord. However, he is nearly poisoned by Carl but survives and tries to blackmail them into leaving with the law. Ultimately, he is unable to kick them out, as they blackmail him with false accusations of him making advances on Debbie.

Season 6

He reappears in Going Once, Going Twice, where it is revealed Patrick ultimately took out a 60,000 loan on the house which he never intends to pay back, which in turn causes the Gallaghers to be evicted.


  • It is unknown if he is the nephew of Frank's father or Peggy Gallagher from an unknown sibling or a distant relation.
    • It is also unknown what terms they were on with him.
  • He was known as Pit Bull in his youth, Frank states this was because he never gives up once he settles on something and previously an odor problem.
  • He appears familiar with the Milkovich Family, as he identified who they were in the attempted attack on him.
  • He describes his aunt Ginger as cold-hearted, meaning they didn't get along.
  • He seems to be doing well for himself, despite being a Gallagher.
  • It is unknown if he is on good terms with his cousins Jerry, Clayton, and Wyatt.
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