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Patrick Donal "Paddy" Maguire (born August 31, 1962) is the patriarch of the Maguire Family, the most feared and well respected of the local criminal families in Stretford. His cherished wife is Mimi, and he has an identical twin brother, Noel. He has six sons: Jamie, Fergal, Joey, Donny, Shane and Micky, and one daughter, Mandy.

Patrick is extremely intimidating, forceful and violent and his presence strikes fear into most residents of the Chatsworth Estate. For example, when he and his family enter the local pub, The Jockey, the customers sitting at the table beside the entrance clear the seat for them. He and his family are also drug dealers on the Chatsworth estate and are particularly wealthy and prosperous as a result, with most of his sons staying within the family business.

He has a particular dislike for the Gallagher family, particularly Frank and Lip, which he has demonstrated on several occasions, both physically and verbally. However in later series, Paddy has begun to show a more compassionate side, and since Series 4, he has also become much more accepting of Lip Gallagher, as well as Karen, the wife of his eldest son Jamie.

Katie & the Gallaghers

Paddy is first seen after Mandy becomes pregnant with Lip Gallagher's baby. As Mandy is actually in a relationship of convenience with Lip's brother Ian Gallagher, Paddy and the family instantly presume that Ian is the father and forcibly welcome him into their family. Paddy 'initiates' Ian by taking him to a street by trying to make him participate in beating up somebody who owes them money. He displays some tendencies of a sociopath after getting his sons to stop the beating, only to deliver the final kick in the face himself that knocks the man unconscious.

After encouraging Ian to propose to Mandy (which Ian does out of fear), Lip shows up at the engagement party and announces that the baby is his, wrecking everything. Paddy, overcome with rage, makes a beeline for Lip and beats him to a pulp before announcing to the Gallaghers that Mandy's baby belongs to the Maguires now and that they will never again have anything to do with it.

Heroin Addiction

Upon the family's annual pilgrimage to son Fergal's grave, Fergal's gravestone is discovered to be vandalized. After cleaning it, Paddy installs a CCTV camera in a nearby tree and watches the grave from his laptop, where after some time, a beautiful woman appears to stop at Fergal's grave, look up at the camera and walk off. Paddy watches the short CCTV clip over and over again in intrigue, then begins to regularly visit his son's grave. By chance, he eventually meets the woman, Maureen, in the flesh, and looks immensely happy to be with her.

Paddy then wakes up on the day of his anniversary, in an upstairs bedroom on a bed, with his arms and legs securely tied to each bedpost. Initially, he thinks it's Maureen being kinky, but as the reality sinks in that he isn't going to be let go, he is overcome with anxiety. After some hours pass, Maureen turns on a video of her young daughter in a school play, who she reveals recently died of a heroin overdose. Maureen holds Paddy responsible and forcibly injects him with heroin while the video plays on repeat. She continues to inject him multiple times, turning him into a rabid, drugged-up mess.

The next morning, Paddy wakes up in a park in the middle of Manchester, with a shaved head, filthy clothes and black eyes. He arrives at home but declines to tell Mimi the truth, which, combined with Paddy missing their anniversary, begins the decline of their marriage. He goes on to become deeply addicted to heroin, buying it from under-aged children on the estate and shooting up in the street. Kelly discovers him and helps him do it properly, offering her insights from her own experience as an addict. When Paddy keeps sneaking off to shoot up, Kelly ends up telling Mimi, who decides to follow Paddy everywhere 24/7 to help wean him off.

However, Mimi goes to jail, taking the rap for Jamie after he puts Joe Pritchard into a coma, an act that would violate his bail, leaving Paddy to his own devices. While his sons continue running the family business, he gets Frank to babysit Katie while he takes another hit in the bathroom. Frank discovers him seconds before he's about to inject and valiantly tries to stop him, causing the heroin package to spill all over the floor. Jamie, Shane and Micky turn up to see their father, now a nervous wreck, desperately scooping up the drugs on the floor.

Paddy decides to go cold turkey from this point onwards and enlists the help of his sons. They barricade Paddy's bedroom windows and triple lock the door. Shane and Micky take turns to make sure Paddy never leaves the room, with Shane carrying a shotgun loaded with rubber bullets. Paddy endures two days of sickness, loneliness and hellish nightmares and hallucinations, screaming out loud and climbing the walls. He also starts masturbating to fantasies of daughters-in-law Karen and Kelly.

Eventually, Paddy is let out to the relief of the family, as he has gotten over the worst of the detox. Mimi is also released from jail after Joe drops the charges, but their marriage does not recover. Mimi, assuming that Paddy has been sleeping around with other women, makes life hard for Paddy in various ways, such as refusing to cook him dinner and making him sleep in his car. Paddy eventually can't take it anymore and forces her to listen to him talk about Maureen and how, despite her injecting him, she has "something" that Mimi doesn't, causing Mimi to destroy Paddy's bedroom in an emotional rage.

The next day, Paddy goes to extract debt from a low-life on the estate when he sees a girl in the flat overdosed on heroin. Having no access to a phone, he immediately carries the unconscious girl to Micky's limo and rushes her to hospital, where she is saved in the nick of time. By chance, Maureen appears in the hospital's chapel where Paddy is thinking. He acquires her new address and waits for her to come home that night, when he pounces on her and ties her up to a chair.

After some time however, Paddy unties Maureen and the two sit at the table drinking whiskey together, showing that Paddy still has feelings for Maureen over his frosty wife. At first, there seems to be a small attraction between the two, however when Maureen admits that she slammed the door on her daughter after she begged for her help, Paddy is overcome with disgust and revulsion. Realizing just how mentally disturbed Maureen is, he immediately gets up and walks out, leaving Maureen in a flood of tears.

Maureen later decides to hurt Paddy in the same way he hurt her, through his daughter. She phones The Jockey, hours before Mandy's engagement party and lies that she found a wallet containing a large amount of money and a raffle ticket from the pub and asks if she could come collect it. Not wanting to let free money pass, Mandy is lured to Maureen's house where she quickly realizes the truth. Maureen starts to flood the house with gas and is preparing to light a match, to kill both herself and Mandy, when she is discovered and the two begin to fight. Meanwhile, Paddy hears that a woman phoned and asked for Mandy specifically and he realizes what has happened. He races to Maureen's house with Micky and when Mandy hears her father at the door she leaves a beaten and bleeding Maureen on the kitchen floor and tries to leave. Maureen manages to light a match just as Micky presses the door bell and the house explodes throwing Paddy and his son across the street.

Divorce, D'Reen and Departure

Paddy managed to break his heroin addiction completely but the stress of it along with his guilt over Mandy's death directly contributed to the break down of his marriage. He and Mimi divorced, with Mimi living above The Jockey with Jamie and Karen and Paddy staying at the Maguire house. Paddy eventually began a relationship with D'Reen Savage, a woman he met at the Community Center, and the couple bonded over Salsa Dancing. Paddy set up a formal dinner for his family to announce D'Reen's existence and tell them that he was going to move away from the Chatsworth Estate with her. Though Paddy said he was happy to hand over the family's crime business as a "parting gift", Mimi cornered him and explained that none of the family other than Micky was interested. Mimi went on to mention that Roscoe, the head of Moss Side's leading crime family had been appearing in The Jockey and she wanted Paddy to not only steal a large amount of money from an upcoming deal of his but also to kill him to ensure the safety of the family and make sure they were financially secure. Paddy grungingly agreed to do so but through his son's.

He sent Shane and Micky to follow Roscoe around and listen to his phone calls to discover when and where Roscoe would be meeting people to sell a large quantity of Cocaine. However, when they returned with the information Paddy realized that he was set to dance in a Salsa competition with D'Reen at the time of the deal. He knew that Micky and Shane would not be able to pull the heist off alone and refused to break his promise to his new girlfriend so he eventually managed to convince Jamie to break his own promise and do a job for the family again. They pulled it off almost without a hitch, Micky forgot to remove a tracking device from the Police car they stole in order to impersonate officers of the law, but the boys got away with the money and as Roscoe had never seen them before they were fine. However, Kelly soon realized the money was fake and that Roscoe had been "ripped off". Mimi angrily phoned Paddy who was getting ready to dance but he hung up on her only to be phoned by Maxine Donnelly telling him that Karen had taken her baby back to the hospital convinced he wasn't hers. Paddy left to go to Karen and leaving D'Reen before they got to dance.

Once Karen was OK, Paddy returned to D'Reen to apologise and explain that he couldn't move to Cuba with her as they had been planning as his family needed him too much. He appealed to her to stay with him and continue their relationship there but she turned him down.

Series 8

In Series 8 a street funeral procession is held outside the Maguire house, much to Mimi's surprise. She loudly questions its purpose but Jamie hurries her and the rest of the family into the house at the same time a coffin is carried in. Kelly reads the plaque on the coffin and exclaims when she realizes it's for Paddy but is even more shocked when the coffin is opened and revealed to be full of guns. Jamie reveals they were bought from the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Paddy took the opportunity to fake his death so he can start a new life in Thailand without Police interference. Mimi quickly becomes annoyed however when she spends the next few days being sought out by officers from every police station in South Manchester who are ecstatic at Paddy' death but present her with condolence cards which she promptly rips up.

In Episode 22 of Series 8, in an effort to prove just how serious she was about marrying Billy Tutton, Mimi revealed that 3 months previous she had received a phone call from Paddy. Paddy mentioned that he was working with some "main players" exporting drugs out of Bangkok, Thailand. Mimi explained that he lived in a 6 bedroom house on the beach, complete with a full staff and chauffeur driven Mercedes. Paddy had begged Mimi to join him and said he would do anything to get her back as none of it mattered without her, however Mimi turned him down as it wasn't what she wanted.

Jamie refused to believe Mimi but she produced a first class Manchester to Bangkok plane ticket that Paddy had sent her as proof, dated before Billy and Mimi had even started their relationship. Mimi cited her ability to know that she would rather spend the rest of her life among her children than live a life of luxury as proof she knew her own mind well enough to know that she wanted to be with Billy. This information resulted in her children giving her and Billy's nuptials their grudging blessing.


Paddy was assaulted by a client in Episode 612 when collecting money. Paddy was also shot in the arm by a business partner with a gun in Episode 702. He also nearly choked to death on a peanut .


Paddy has illegal possession of firearms, including double-barrelled shot guns and revolvers/pistols. Paddy mainly sold drugs, basing his business around his family, whom were often his enforcers. It is strongly implied that Paddy has killed people in the past. Paddy has physically assaulted many people, notably Frank Gallagher, Lip Gallagher, Paddy Smith (Episode 502) and even his own sons, such as Jamie, Shane and Mickey.