Out of Control is the third episode of the seventh series of Shameless.


Jamie and Mimi are worried about Karen's state of mind as she continues to behave oddly, splashing the cash and spending all her time exercising. Things get worse when Karen disappears with baby Connor in the middle of the night, leaving the Maguires frantic. Frank thinks he knows whats going on: she is inheriting one of her mother Sheila's disorders. Jamie is left to make a heartbreaking choice.

Yvonne and Stan are in debt to Paddy Maguire after they borrow money from him to repair the shop. Stan ends up getting a beating from a masked Joe and thinking it was Paddy, Yvonne turns to Joe Pritchard for help in resolving the problem. Joe buys the shop, just as he wanted all along, leaving Stan, Yvonne and Meena to flee Chatsworth, leaving Chesney behind, and an angry Paddy wanting revenge.

Carl ends up getting drunk in The Jockey when he is supposed to be having dinner with Maxine and her parents. Maxine discovers she is pregnant and turns to Ian for support when Carl begins to ignore her. When Carl finds out that Maxine has had an abortion, he fears that he will become just like his father and ends his relationship with Maxine.

Liam falls in love with a posh girl from his new upmarket school, telling her parents that he comes from a family of professionals and forgetting about his life on Chatsworth but his new life is threatened when Frank is called into his school. Micky continues to sabotage Ian's house so that he can see hunky plumber Dan.

Post Credit Scene

Micky is seen talking to a building firm on the phone, he tells them that he thinks his house has some subsidence problems and asks if they can come over to check before thanking them. He then hangs up the phone and takes a sledge hammer to the wall.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Helena Fox - Holly
  • Dan Hooper - Dan
  • Malcolm Scates - Derek


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