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Ouroboros is the ninth episode of Season 7 of Shameless US. It aired on November 27th, 2016 with an attraction of 1.56 million viewers.


Monica wants to help Debbie get Franny back; Ian and Trevor in fight; Lip tries to hide his relapse; the laundromat receives a bad review.


Monica returns to town where she meets Frank and proclaims she has changed but he turns her away.

She later meets with Fiona, Ian, and Lip who are skeptical again. Meanwhile, Debbie meets with her mother again and the latter tells her of what she's been up to. Monica is excited to be a grandmother and helps her get Franny back.

Fiona has a negative encounter with a reviewer at Patsy's and talks with Frank on Monica's return but is surprised he knew and didn't try to talk with her. With permission, Frank continues his adventures with Etta while ignoring Monica. This lasts until Etta snaps out of her dementia and leaves him.

Lip's alcohol addiction returns and sets him off into a new downward spiral.

At Neil's apartment, Frank spies on Monica who spots him and she invites him. She soon reveals Frank that she has brain damage and is dying. . Kev, V, and Svetlana go to couples' therapy; he and V learn later on that Svetlana has changed the Alibi's business format and somehow now owns a part of the bar.

Ian and Trevor engage into another argument over Trevor's ID after attempting to enter a bar; Trevor meets Monica which her body language does not set with him well.

Arriving at the Gallagher house, Ian is greeted by a detective who informs him that Mickey has escaped from prison.


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  • Frances is allowed to stay with her mother as the Delgado's are given visitation rights.
  • Monica meets her granddaughter for the first time.
  • Mickey has escaped from prison after being there for two seasons.
  • Monica returns and reveals she is dying.