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Order Room Service is the eleventh episode of the Season 3 of the US version of Shameless.


Fiona contemplates finding another job so she can move to Michigan where Jimmy will be returning to medical school; Fiona receives a call and finds out Jimmy has only rented a studio apartment in Michigan, Fiona and Jimmy get into a large argument about their relationship and trust. Fiona tells him to find another place to sleep. Later on, Jimmy gets a surprise visit from Estefania's father who informs that Estefania is being deported by immigration, then boards his yacht leaving off to a unknown location, all the while seemingly fearing for his life.

Frank spends a night sleeping on the train but finds Carl along the way. Frank convinces Carl to let him stay in the old family van when he has nowhere else to go. Frank and Carl bond over Frank's childhood story of theft with his father, inspiring Carl to propose stealing belongings from the foster parents he was recently living with.

Lip, having figured out Mandy was the one to run over Karen, seeks advice from Kev; Lip attempts to cautiously end things with Mandy, fearful of her reaction. Angered by witnessing Karen's deficiencies after returning from the hospital, Lip confronts her at Mickey's wedding where they break up. Ian confronts Mickey who is moments away from marrying the female he was forced to have sexual intercourse with and tries to convince him to not marry her; Mickey and Ian have sex, but to Ian's dismay, Mickey goes through with the wedding, causing Ian to drink excessively and reveal to a shocked Mandy he's been sleeping with Mickey.

Lip and Ian head home where Ian throws up and passes out in the bushes. Lip sees the police arrest Carl for his theft, as Frank overhears Lip arguing about the arrest and heads out. Frank appears on the scene and the police tell him of his son's crime but Frank takes the blame by telling them that he made Carl give him the codes and shows some of the stolen items to prove it. Frank lets himself get arrested as he turns over Carl to Lip. As he is taken away, he bids his sons farewell. Ian appears questioning what happened as Lip and Carl are amazed by their father's act.

Fiona attends a camping trip by her boss with her family. While at the camping trip, Fiona nearly has sex with her boss, but instead calls Jimmy to admit he was right about moving to Michigan alone.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Jake McDorman - Mike Pratt
  • Bernardo de Paula - Beto
  • Pêpê Rapazote - Nando
  • Sunkrish Bala - Andy
  • Isidora Goreshter Svetlana
  • Jimmy Bellinger - Max
  • Richard Cotovsky - Bum
  • Paige Smith - Officer #1
  • Charles C. Stevenson Jr. - Old Man
  • Matthew W. Allen - Riverwalk Couple
  • Juanita Guzman - Mrs. Houseman


  • Tad Coughenour - Tranny Prostitute
  • Barbara Elizabeth Maleski - Commuter
  • Asat Razma - Goald Coast Shopper
  • Elizabeth Reiners - Gold Coast Shopper
  • Roger Wiggins - Man on Sidewalk


  • Cop: We're taking your son in for questioning.
  • Frank: He didn't pull the heist, I did! See? Shiny but a little big, I also got a got a boatload of electronics, those sold out fast. Did you know Chicago 24 hour pawn shops? He's innocent, I forced him to give me the codes, didn't I? Son, tell him. My god, he's dumber than sack of hair, he couldn't pull off a bandage, no less a robbery. Okay here, cuff me before I got disorderly. (he is handcuffed and loaded up)
  • Frank: Be brave son, order room service.

  • Ian: What happened?
  • Lip: Hell froze over.


  • Jimmy's fate is not revealed until the season 4 finale.
  • This episode marks Jimmy's final appearance as a main character.
  • A rare time, Frank shows parental affection for his kids.