One Year On is the tenth and finale episode of the tenth series of Shameless. It features the death and departure of three main characters.


An emergency meeting is held to discuss Patty's bad health and Frank is left the unenviable task of informing her she has terminal cancer. Patty reveals she already knows but has a last wish, to see Ireland again. The only problem is no one can afford to pay for the trip so Frank gives her the next best thing, a trip to the beach in Holyhead so she can at least see Ireland in the distance. After they have a short talk, Patty asks Frank if she could have an hour alone and he sets off for the nearest pub. In typical Frank style however, he gets drunk and falls asleep only to wake up the next morning and find Patty's empty wheelchair on the beach.

With Mimi and Billy's first wedding anniversary approaching Mimi decides to sort through her keepsakes of her marriage to Paddy and throw away what she doesn't want. In the process she comes across some pictures of Ruby's father and insults him infront of her. Ruby is upset and tries to defend her father but Mimi continues and even insults Ruby herself. Upset and furious, Ruby takes Mimi hostage at knife point. Locking herself in Mimi's bedroom with Jamie and Billy outside, Ruby stabs Mimi in the leg to prove she is serious while the boys try desperately to talk her down. With death in the air, who will make it out alive?

Avril is caught being flirty with Callum by Letitia and confesses that she had sex with him once. Avril begs her not to tell Jackson but Letitia warns that she could lose him. Avril decides that in order to fix their relationship she will "propose" to Jackson and they can renew their vows. However things aren't so easily fixed and their marriage could be nearing it's end.

Karen confronts an apologetic Gloria over her affair with Jamie. With her last affair behind her, Gloria sets out on a fresh one that has some frightening implications.

Post Credit Scene

Shane is seen in the middle of the woods with a thick coat and his hood up, moving some freshly dug earth with his hands. He jumps up in shock when he hears Jamie say "it's against the law you know" before approaching him and continuing "shagging dead people is against the law". "I weren't going to shag her, Jesus" he replies before adding "just making sure she was alright weren't I" as he zips up his trousers. "Yeah, sure you were, no go on, get the fuck home" Jamie replies with a smile before picking up a shovel and pushing Shane as he calls him a "dirty bastard" and pointing out she (Ruby) is his cousin. The camera then zooms away to show that the white orchid that Ruby found earlier in the episode is on top of the freshly moved earth that is her grave.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jamie Davis - Calum


  • Narrator: Patty Croker
  • This episode sees the departure of three main characters, Patty Croker and Ruby Hepburn both die while Jackson Powell leaves his wife.
  • This series finale is one of four series finales to feature a wedding. Frank and Sheila's wedding (Series 3), Jamie and Karen's (Series 4) and Mimi and Billy's (Series 8).
  • Frank states that the most perfect moment of his life was just after Fiona was born, as he went on a five day bender on GHB straight from the hospital. Monica previously mentioned the events of Fiona's birth and Frank bender in Episode 501
  • Mimi and Billy renew their wedding vows to celebrate their first anniversary. This time with a few changes (vows and clothes below).
  • This is the first episode where two major characters die at the same time, as well as the first episode to feature the deaths of regular characters since Mandy Maguire's in Episode 16 of Series 6.



Frank: We used to measure enjoyment by what you couldn't remember. Blacking out 
meant you'd had a good night, direct correlation. What a fucking waste.
Ruby: [holding a knife to Mimi's throat] I have hated you my whole life. You fat, 
thieving, drug dealing, murdering, abusive, Scouse slag.
Mimi: I'm not fat, I'm a size 10.
Billy: I William Tutton take you...
Mimi: Katherine Mimi Harmonica Joy Maguire
Billy: You taught me, nurtured me and I will respect and treasure you with every 
atom of my being.
Mimi: Trust and love with ensure we walk towards our futures together as one.
Billy: I will fuck no one else.
Mimi: Nor will I.
Billy: And should my jizz ever dry up again...
Mimi: Only I will milk you back to health.
Patty Croker: What would it be like, to have peace of mind? Instead of this, 
death, deviant sex, inconvenient truth or murder, vows exchanged and broken, 
scurrilous lies, hostage taking. What a week. I miss the old place, under-fed, 
under-washed, inbred, skiving, scrounging, leaching gob-shites that they are, 
every last one. But then, they're our gob-shites are they not?
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