Now Leaving Illinois is the tenth episode of Season 10 of the U.S. version of Shameless.


An incident in the Tamietti family presents Lip and Tami with a new opportunity. Faye's betrayal lands Frank in front of a judge. Mickey's antics drive Ian to online dating. Carl makes an unexpected discovery at his new job.


Debbie is in Claudia’s kitchen with Claudia, as they talk before Julia walks in and makes glances at Debbie. Julia soon announces that she wants to take a shower while coyly inviting Debbie to join and the latter makes an excuse to call her daughter.

Brad advises Lip to attend the Tamietti family meeting.

Afterwards Claudia invite Debbie to work with her and use her car before work or any other thing. Seeing that Claudia has real feelings for her, Debbie secretly feels guilt about Julia.

Debbie walks with Julia who talks about their fling and says that she feels a connection. Debbie than notice the signs directing her to something, she asks Julia about them before she sees the big sign asking her if she will go to her dance. Stunned, Debbie questions this Julia kisses her on the cheek, awaiting her answer and Debbie sees she is possessive. Julia is then seen crying presumably rejected and the latter tries to comfort her.


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  • Faye is exacting her revenge on Frank.
    • However, Frank counteracts her act to benefit himself.
  • Debbie is still cheating on her girlfriend.
  • It is revealed Brad is expecting a second child with Cami.
  • Ian proposes to Mickey who accepts.
  • The Tamietti family gives Lip and Tami the house of Tami's grandmother in Milwaukee. Lip announces his move to the rest of the family.
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