New Romances is the second episode of the fourth series of Shameless. It marks the first appearance of popular character Jamie Maguire.


When Sheila returns to Chatsworth, Frank is worried that the fact that he is not legally married to her will be revealed by a seductive Monica. Sheila and Monica meet in the pub with Frank stuck in the middle of his two wives. In the toliets, Monica tries to seduce Frank but he is still determind to get rid of her before Sheila discovers what has been going on, but first he must secretly get a divorce without both of his wives knowing.

Sheila, worried that Frank will choose Monica over her, teams up with Debbie who is also keen to get rid of Monica to ensure the reunion between Monica and her lesbian lover Norma. When this fails, Sheila is left wondering if Monica is actually a lesbian, leading to a catfight at a clothes shop.

Jamie Maguire, the eldest son of Paddy and Mimi is released from prison after a 10 year sentence for murder. On his arrival in Chatsworth, Jamie gets on the wrong side of Karen Jackson and expresses his desire to go straight, putting him outside the Maguire Family and under the same roof as Jez and Karen at The Jockey, much to their distress.

Norma is getting tired of the lack of respect she is getting from the Gallaghers and tries to convince Monica to return home with her. PC's Tom O'Leary and Stan Waterman are on the trail of a missing racehorse that has fallen into the hands of Shane Maguire. Jez tries to hide her pregnancy from Karen and her punters. Carol and Lillian launch a petition to free Kev and Veronica from prison. Jez fears Jamie will ruin The Jockey.

Post Credit Scene

Old West style music plays as Paddy Maguire rides through a field on a horse with a big grin, he rides toward the camera and shouts "Yeehaw!"


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