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Neville Gallagher is the father of Frank Gallagher. He visited the Chatsworth Estate in Series 2 and revealed the troubled relationship he shared with his son. Frank was happy to let Sheila Jackson, his girlfriend at the time, think that his father was dead.

Frank realized his father was near when he caught the odour of tuna sandwiches, which seems to be Neville's signature scent.

Neville is on better terms with his grandchildren than he is with Frank, and they adored Neville in return, to the point of seemingly competing for his approval.

Neville is the complete opposite of his son, Frank. He is a proud, semi-retired, workaholic trade unionist, who looks down on his son for his laziness and drunkenness. While he seems to behave as a doting father-figure to his grandchildren, there are hints of a domineering and manipulative side of his personality when he guilts Fiona into babysitting Sheila's children so that he could go out for dinner with Sheila and Frank. Neville would also visibly flirt with Sheila, even when Frank was present.

When Neville suffers a stroke after berating his son, Frank lashes out by telling him that his deceased mother, Sarah Gallagher, actually despised Neville, due to him cutting her aspirations short by purposefully getting her pregnant.


  • John Woodvine has also co-starred alongside David Threlfall in an episode of the BBC documentary-drama Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire. In the episode, David Threlfall played the role of the Emperor Constantine the Great. While John Woodvine plays the role of Constantine's secretray, Lacantius, who is depicted in the show as being responsible for Constantine's conversion to Christianity.