Neil was a brief sexual partner of Mimi Maguire's in Series 8.

Mimi met Neil while out on a jog and invited her back to her house, feeling sexually frustrated, Mimi flirted with him and when he offered her a massage took it as him coming onto her. Neil soon explained however that his wife had recently died and he wasn't sure if he was ready for a relationship, though he did fancy her.

Mimi tells him that she doesn't think she is ready for a relationship either but she does want some no strings sex. Neil then blindfolds Mimi and feeds her various different foods out of her fridge before they have sex on the kitchen floor.

Later in The Jockey, Mimi tells Karen Maguire all about her new sexual adventures. Mimi and Neil had been acting out each other's fantasies, and while Neil hadn't enjoyed her fantasy where he had to wear a fake beard and curly wig while talking with an Irish accent they were both enjoying his. Neil's fantasies all incorporated food into the bedroom and one even included three strange men talking photos while Mimi eat a hot dog and they had sex.

Karen was surprised and told Mimi that Neil was degrading her, though Mimi denied it she soon realized the truth. Confronting Neil about it, she expressed her wish to have some completely normal sex after having a healthy meal together. Over the dinner Neil showed Mimi photos of both his previous wives, both of them large women who died from complications of their weight. Neil explained that he loved to feed women until they got as big as possible, seeing them as reaching their potential.

Mimi was disgusted and when he told her she could stand to be bigger she told him that whether she loses or gains weight, she does it for herself only. She then angrily began to cover him with the Indian food he had brought, which to her annoyance did nothing but turn him on. She finished off by telling him she never wanted to see him again.

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