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Lloyd "Ned" Lishman was a recurring character in the US series Shameless. He was the father of Jimmy Lishman and former fling of Ian Gallagher. He was a doctor and died sometime during Season 11.

He was portrayed by Harry Hamlin.


Season 2

After Mickey is sent to juvie for assaulting a police officer Ian goes to a gay bar to take his mind off things. Ned expresses interest in him and invites him to spend time with him. Ian later meets him at a hotel, and Ned tells him that he works in real estate in Miami. The two begin sleeping together that night.

Season 3

Ned and Ian continue to meet up in hotels to have sex. Ned also helps Ian with some of his summer school homework. As Mickey's release date draws nearer, however, Ian grows somewhat hesitant to continue the relationship. When Ned gives Ian a tactical watch to help during basic training, Ian tries to reject the gift, telling Ned that he "sort of has a boyfriend," in reference to Mickey Ned does not seem bothered and responds that he "sort of has a wife." Ned asks if Mickey is young or old and, when Ian responds that he is young, asks if Mickey would be interested in a three-way. Ian laughs in response, and Ned also laughs and responds, "An old guy can dream, can't he?" Ian then kisses Ned, and the two have sex.

In May I Trim Your Hedges?, Ned visits Ian at the Kash and Grab. Ian asks Ned why he came to the South Side, and Ned responds that he wanted a snack and "a ginger snap, if [he is] lucky." Ian understands what Ned means and suggests they meet up once his shift at the store is over. Mickey notices that Ian and Ned are flirting and gives Ned some trouble before Ned leaves. Once Ned is gone, Mickey asks Ian if Ned is his grandpa and if they go on "picnics and shit," to which Ian responds, "No, we mostly just fuck. Like you and Angie." Mickey later follows Ian to his date with Ned and confronts the two. Ned refers to Mickey as Ian's boyfriend, which triggers Mickey's internalized homophobia. Mickey beats up Ned, and several people stop to try to help Ned. Ian apologizes to Ned before running off with Mickey to avoid the police.

Unknown to Ian, Ned is the closeted father of Jimmy Steve. Jimmy invites the Gallaghers to dinner with his family, and Jimmy's dad is the last to arrive. After a short while, Ned arrives and Ian is surprised to learn that Ned is Jimmy's dad. Ned is also surprised to see Ian at the table. The rest of the table does not appear to notice as introductions are made. Ian excuses himself from the table to go to the bathroom shortly thereafter and is joined by Ned. Ian asks if Ned's family knows that he is gay. Ned responds that he is not gay, but instead he likes "pretty much anything that walks" meaning he is most likely pansexual.

Candace eventually divorces Ned, likely because of his infidelity and because of money problems. In The Helpful Gallaghers, Ned meets up with Jimmy for drinks, during which time Ned tells Jimmy about the impending divorce. Ned gets very drunk over the course of the evening, so Jimmy takes him back to the Gallagher house. During the night, Ned wakes up and drunkenly enters the bedroom that Lip, Ian, and Carl share. He strips off his clothing and climbs into Lip's bed, thinking it is Ian's. Lip wakes up and yells at Ned, which wakes up the whole house. Jimmy takes his dad outside while Fiona, Lip, and Ian talk about what just happened. Ian admits that Ned was looking for him and that they had been sleeping together. Outside, Ned tells Jimmy that he was in fact looking for Ian. Jimmy asks Ned if he is gay, and Ned responds that he sometimes likes men more than women, but again implies that he is pansexual. Ned leaves the Gallagher house and stays in a hotel for the rest of the night.

In The Sins of My Caretaker, Ned asks Ian to break into his house to retrieve some items because Candace changed the locks, telling Ian that he can keep anything else that he can grab. Ian, in turn, enlists the help of Mickey and two other Milkoviches. They attempt to take a grandfather clock but accidentally drop it, waking up Candace. She chases the intruders out of the house with a shotgun and shoots Mickey in the butt. Ian quickly drives the van back to the Gallagher house, and Ned meets them there with his medical supplies. Ned immediately recognizes Mickey when he walks into the kitchen and tauntingly asks, "Well if it isn't the toughest fag-beater this side of the Chicago River?" Mickey tells him to fuck off, and Ned works to remove the shotgun pellets from Mickey's butt.

When Tony Markovich forces Jimmy to flee the country, Fiona seeks out Ned in hopes that he can provide some answers. Ned tells Fiona that this is more or less expected behavior of Jimmy.

Season 4

During Ian's first manic phase, he flees basic training and stays with Lloyd in secret, telling only Mandy who he is staying with. Lloyd eventually kicks Ian out because of Ian's reckless and destructive behavior. Lip and Debbie visit Lloyd's apartment at Mandy's suggestion and are surprised to see that Lloyd is apparently sleeping with another young redhead who looks like Ian. Lloyd informs them that he kicked Ian out and that Ian is working at a club in Boystown.

Hall of Shame

In Daddy Issues, which aired during Season 11, Ian receives a text message informing him that Ned has died.

Episode Appearances


  • Though no cause of death is stated, it is plausible that Ned died of COVID-19, as he died during the pandemic and likely still worked as a doctor at the time.