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Nana Gallagher Had an Affair is the tenth episode of the first season of Shameless.


Monica's return wreaks havoc on the Gallagher clan, leaving the children determined to find out if Frank is their real father; disgusted with Monica, Fiona moves in with Steve next door; Karen accepts Eddie's invitation to a Purity ball; Frank hits a new low when he uses Carl to stop a disability worker from tampering with his free money from the state.


Monica takes over as a caretaker for the kids and scrambles at the stress of doing so. Frank enters with Monica and Bob telling him they'll sign once he gets Fiona and the others on board with taking Liam, as he begrudgingly agrees.

Fiona is seen making herself at home after moving in with Steve next door.

Later on, Bob and Monica take Liam somewhere while Lip and Ian watch them from afar. Lip asks Ian about his love life and he describes it as complicated, Lip questions it and Ian goes into full detail about Kash and Mickey, while Lip apologizes for his nosiness. They then follow their mother and her partner to their destination.

Bob and Monica are at the DNA clinic with Liam before they get the paternity test. Bob reads the test and is shocked when the results reveal that Frank is actually the biological father of Liam. A shocked Monica questions the results, since she recalls being with a bouncer and thought she got pregnant from that but realizes nothing happened. Bob soon tells her they aren't done and say they'll get Frank to sign away his parental rights in exchange for his settlement. After they leave, Ian and Lip decide to do a paternity test on themselves to see if they are not Frank's children.

At the Alibi, Frank talks with Kev and others before they are visited by Fiona, Lip, Carl, and Debbie. Fiona tells her father that Carl got his arm treated, while Frank tries to shoo them away since he was waiting for their mother but doesn't know where she is. Fiona tells him that Monica was getting a paternity test for Liam, as Lip informs Frank that he is Liam's biological father. Frank is obviously shocked to hear this though remembers his grandmother's rumored affair and realizes its true. He argues with his kids before Lip punches him, out of disgust while Fiona criticizes Frank on his behavior.

At the Gallagher House, the family are having dinner with Steve joining Fiona and Lip arriving late. Lip reveals envelopes and state that he and Ian did paternity tests on themselves after they came in. Lip reads Ian's test and congratulates him by revealing to all that Ian is not Frank's son, which surprises him, Monica, and Frank. Ian goes over the test and tells a confused Frank that while he is not his son, they are still related since he is possibly the child of one of Frank's brothers. Debbie is surprised her father has siblings while Fiona states he has three. A shocked Monica recalls doing PCP with one of Frank's siblings, as Frank is enraged that Monica cheated and got high with his brother, as they argue before he kisses her as Bob breaks it up.

The Gallagher’s are at Steve’s house watching Bob and Monica pack up unsure if they are going to take Liam. They then see Bob, Monica, and Liam come outside. Monica then turns and tearfully gives Liam to Fiona, showing that she can’t separate him from his siblings.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Mo Gaffney - Christine Dowling
  • Carlease Burke - Roberta
  • Jerry Lambert - Randy Kulovitz
  • Caitlin Kimball - Technician
  • Michael Krawic - Elaine's Dad
  • Guy Massey - Jasper
  • Kendra McCulty - Elaine
  • Michael Patrick McGill -Tommy
  • Alexis Rutter - Patty
  • Saachiko - Korean Lady
  • Jeorge Watson - Mr. Tubbard
  • Youlanda Davis - Goofy Attorney


  • Joe DeBartolo - Neighbor/Grocery Shopper


  • "Previously on Shameless" - Frank Gallagher
  • Episode Runtime- 00:48:15
  • It is confirmed Frank is Liam's biological father through a test.
    • Frank mentions his grandmother having an affair with a black musician, which may have skipped generations to Liam.
    • This also means that Frank is a quarter black because of this affair.
  • It is revealed that Ian is not Frank's son but the child of one of Frank's brothers, making him the half-brother and cousin of his siblings.
  • Eddie and Karen nearly reconcile, but he ruins it by shaming his daughter.
  • The first mention of Frank's mother Peggy Gallagher.