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Mr. Gallagher was the father of Frank, Jerry, Clayton, and Wyatt. He is the paternal grandfather of Sammi, Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, Liam, and Jacob. He is also great-grandfather of Chuckie Slott, Franny, Freddie, and Carl's kids.


Not much is known of Mr. Gallagher, though it is suggested he was a mean drunk like his son, as Frank told his oldest daughter Samantha his father often beat him even for something that was not his fault. This is seen when he scolded his son for not watching out for his cheating mother who was really in the wrong. In a conversation with his granddaughter Franny, Frank reveals that his father was also a bully and made him wear a dress and called him a girl, suggesting that the latter tried to demean him.

It is not known how he treated his other sons, but Frank stated that his brothers were the favorites of his father while he suffered the abuse alone. This was not confirmed as neither Jerry nor Clayton brings up their father or mention what he put them through. However, unlike Peggy, he seemed to have some care for Frank as Frank told Carl about his first heist with his father and looked back with nostalgia when saying they had room service. Also, when his ghost appeared to Frank, he tried to get him to change his ways so that he would not end up in hell like him.


According to Nana Gallagher Had an Affair, he was conceived from an affair that his mother had with a black saxophone player. There were apparently rumors of the event but they were not confirmed until a DNA test revealed that Frank was indeed the biological father of Liam Gallagher who was known to stand out for being the only black child among his siblings.

He had at least two half-siblings, Ginger and possibly George.

Mr. Gallagher went on to marry Peggy Gallagher and they have four sons. Apparently, Mr. Gallagher favored his sons Jerry, Clayton, and Wyatt over his son Frank because he never punished them and his son looked back with sadness at how his father treated him over his siblings. He and Peggy seem to of had a turbulent marriage as he once walked in on her having an affair and scolded his son Frank for not watching out for his mother neglecting the fact that Peggy was the one in the wrong when his son was innocent in the matter.

At some point with Frank was around 13, he and his father went on a robbery. It was apparently successful as father and son ordered room service to celebrate.

He died at some point as Frank later mention in Parenthood to Sheila that he will be an orphan, confirming his father's death. It is unknown when he died but it was at some point because Peggy later married a man named Ronnie before she divorced him.

During Shameless Hall of Shame episode Frank: Ghosts of Gallagher Past, Mr. Gallagher visit his son and tells him that he has been sent to help him change his ways. Frank is initially surprised his father is in Heaven, but Frank's father reveals that he is actually in Hell because Heaven contrary to primary belief is downwards, and that Hell is actually upwards. Mr. Gallagher proceeded to remind Frank of all the incidents where he was a terrible person and the only good moments he had. Frank complains that there were not enough as he knows he did a bunch of good things, but his father is not convinced. Mr. Gallagher tells Frank that he will be visited by other ghosts. He begins to take his leave while his son pleads to him, because he missed him, but Mr. Gallagher leaves anyway though tells Frank that when he does die and come to Hell not to tell them that they are related because Hell is actually good for him, and he does not need Frank messing it up.


  • Despite scorning Peggy for having an affair, he had several affairs of his own as Peggy held a grudge against an old woman at the alibi for sleeping with her husband.
  • He was biracial, as his mother had an affair with a black man to conceive him.
  • His first name is unknown.
  • It is unknown whether he was alive by the time his grandchildren were born.
  • It is unknown what terms he was on with his sister Ginger Gallagher.
  • It is unknown what terms he was on with other relatives such as: his mother, his other sons, nephew Patrick Gallagher, and Patrick's kids.
  • In season one, Frank mentioned that he had an Uncle George it is unknown if this is the brother or brother-in-law of Mr. Gallagher and what relationship they had.
  • He did not live long enough to meet his great grandchildren either.
  • After his death, his soul was sent to Hell.