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Monica Comes Home (1) is the sixth episode of the first series of Shameless. It features the introduction of Monica Gallagher and Norma Starkey.


Frank stuns the family by turning up in the morning to get his post when it's not even Giro day. It soon transpires that he's hatching a plan to get his hands on maintenance from his ex-wife, Monica. However his plan goes wrong when Monica returns with her lesbian lover Norma.

Bailiffs begin chasing Frank when every single agency he owes money suddenly discovers his address, he is forced to dress up as a woman in an attempt to get passed them. The arrival of her mother and the lack of gratitude for raising her siblings leads Fiona to walk out and leave the children to Monica and her girlfriend.

Post Credit Scene

Monica is seen sobbing while sitting in the back of the camper van in the garden of the Gallagher house, Norma is sat next to her with a guitar. The camera cuts to show Debbie, Carl, Lip and Ian sat in the upstairs window of the house watching Monica and Norma below. Debbie smiles happily before the camera cuts.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast