Money in Mind is the third episode of the eleventh and final series of Shameless.


Lillian enlists Kelly and Marty to collect her savings from the train station locker where she keeps them due to recent police searches of the station. Lillian mentions only adding money to her stash, never counting it, but thinks there is around £4000 there. However when the couple go to collect the money, they discover a massive amount of cash and Kelly is forced to choose between a new life outside Chatsworth with Marty, or Lillian's friendship.

Meanwhile, Mimi attempts to build the confidence of a schoolteacher whose husband has just left her, only to find that she has created another version of herself.

Billy discovers a group of ducks are frequenting the paddling pool next door. Kassi's less than law abiding nature is revealed.

Patreesha plans a house warming party for Avril, but their sibling rivalry boils to the surface when Patreesha's choice of a "come dressed as your husband" theme enrages her recently separated sister.

Elsewhere, Frank's bizarre relationship with the Gastric Bandits continues, as he attempts to sneak into Patreesha and Avril's party.

Post Credit Scene

Karen is seen obviously having sex in her room while still wearing her "Jamie" outfit from the party during the episode. She keeps moaning her husband's name in pleasure but quickly becomes shocked when the camera cuts to a moaning Jamie as he begins moaning his own name. They finish and Jamie comments that it was amazing, before winking and asking how was it for him which causes Karen's face to go from shocked to happy.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Naomi Radcliffe - Mrs Tattersall
  • Glenn Cunningham - Clive Tattersall



Marty: Kind of exciting though weren't it? We were like Laverne and Shirley. 
Kelly: Who?
Marty: Is that not right? Were they not the gangsters?
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