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Katherine Mimi Harmonica Joy Tutton (née Murphy and later Maguire), known just as Mimi, is the foul-mouthed, loud, brash and violent matriarch of the Maguire Family. She is the ex-wife of Paddy Maguire, with whom she had seven children and the current wife of Billy Tutton with whom she has one child. She was once a drug dealer on the Chatsworth Estate and was frequently seen selling drugs but her son Jamie has taken over the family business in crime. Mimi spends her days working behind the bar at The Jockey, looking after her young daughter Cilla and dealing with the problems caused by her sons, their wives and her new fiance Billy Tutton. She is also extremely violent and easily angered, though she considers herself to be a devout Catholic. She has "headbutted" several characters on the show including Lip Gallagher, Sue Garland, Cassie Western and even her own son Shane. Mimi is as hard as nails, and she can hold her own with men and women. Mimi is known for her distinctive 'Scouse' accent.

Family and Religious Beliefs

She is the ex-wife of Paddy Maguire, and the mother of Jamie, ShaneDonny, FergalJoeyMickyMandy and baby Cilla. Her ex-boyfriend is also called Paddy who Mimi refers to as "Other Paddy". In Series 5 a more sensitive side to Mimi is introduced, after she gets insulted about her weight. She describes herself as a "bulimic who can't stand vomit". In the same series, she is shown attending anger management classes. She has a particular dislike for the local Scotsmen, believing they tip off the police about the family's deals. She once came after them with a baseball bat, shouting "OI! SHEEP-SHAGGERS!"

Mimi is a strong Catholic and regularly attends church. She insisted Billy Tutton convert to the faith in exchange for christening baby Cilla with middle names he chose. When he challenged her, asking how she can call herself religious when she is involved with drugs and murder she answered that she has morals and repents for her sins. She also explained that after losing her son Fergal and daughter Mandy, who both died violent deaths, she has to believe there is something after life or she would not have the strength to continue living.


After the tragic events of the Series 6 finale, Mimi separated from Paddy, and moved into The Jockey with Jamie, Karen and newborn grandson Connor. Since Paddy, she had a brief fling with the star player of the Jockey football team, but ended their short relationship after finding out he was underage.

In Series 7 Episode 14, Mimi and Paddy amicably agreed to end their marriage in divorce, but found out that they were never truly married due to the fact that the reverend who conducted their wedding ceremony, Father Jim, was a fraud, making all their children illegitimate, something that deeply upset Mimi, who is a devout Roman Catholic. In the same episode, Paddy and Mimi got married officially, but only to legitimise their children, before they divorced for real and Paddy left to go back to Ireland.

Mimi revealed that Paddy was never present when any of their children were born, because he was either working away, living incognito or serving time in prison.

Baby Cilla

In Series 7, Episode 15, Mimi complained of stomach pains and nausea, and blamed the discomfort on a "dodgy curry" she had the previous night, yet Lillian noted her symptoms (sweats, nausea and loss of periods) suggested that she was in the early stages of menopause; something which scared Mimi.

Mimi gave birth to her 8th child at the age of 47 in the Series 7 finale, a baby girl she named Cilla. She claimed that after separating with Paddy she used sex with random people as a way to keep herself feeling attractive, and from her many one night stands came the youngest Maguire, and one of the 2 children by someone other than Paddy (the other being Jamie). Incidentally, Mimi struggled to find out the identity of Cilla's father, without success and though this worried her greatly Micky told her to tell Cilla that her father was a war hero who died when he was returning to her after being told Mimi was pregnant.

Health Problems

In Episode 1 of Series 8 Mimi suffered a major heart attack while at a party thrown at the Powell house. It was due to her being in hospital that she was forced to hand over the reins of the family business to Shane as she said Jamie was busy with his marriage to Karen and Micky with Cilla. Jamie attempted to change her mind, adamant that Shane would not be able to handle the job but she refused. Jamie refused to take the same attitude as his mother and set up an elaborate scheme to make Shane step down which worked. This power play caused considerable trouble between the two brothers that developed into a full blown feud and culminated in them trying to murder each other. The brothers were eventually forced to talk things through however and were left with a deeper understanding of the other's life and a better relationship. Though Mimi's health recovered, Jamie continued to run the family business with help from Carl Gallagher, occasionally Micky and later Shane.

Later in the series, though Micky was doing most of the heavy lifting in regard to looking after baby Cilla, Mimi nonetheless suffered a mini breakdown. She was rushed into hospital after collapsing at Libby Croker's hen night at the beginning of the series and later began to get confused, paranoid and delusional. She focused a lot of anger on her son and daughter in law, Shane and Kelly who decided to re-decorate the Maguire home stead as a thank you for all Mimi has done for them. But a sleep deprived and half insane Mimi saw their actions as a way of pushing her out of her own home, and when a shoddy carpet put both Shane and Cilla in hospital with its dangerous dye she threw the couple out of the house. However, when praying in the hospital chapel Mimi had a conversation with an apparition of her deceased daughter, Mandy. After some thinking time, Mimi took the post death advice of her daughter and made amends with the couple, allowing them to move back in.

After sitting in on a sex quiz with Karen and Avril Powell, Mimi was left feeling unadventurous in her sex life. Later, she met Neil while jogging and took him home in the hopes of a sexual relationship. At first he turned down her advances, mentioning the recent death of his wife as the reason. The next day however, he and Mimi began a "kinky" sexual relationship. Things soon end between them when he reveals his love of feeding women until they put on as much weight as possible, a disgusted Mimi told him that whether she loses weight or gains it, she does it for herself and that she never wanted to see him again.


Later in Series 8 it was revealed that Cilla's father was actually Billy Tutton, the teenager who Mimi had a secret fling with in the previous series. Mimi admitted this to her family when Billy reappeared on the estate and wanted access to his child, her sons admitted they had known for some time but had followed her lead in not discussing it. Though the Maguire boys stubbornly refused to accept Billy's role in Cilla's life and decided to viciously attack him, Mimi put her foot down and moved Billy into the house to be a better father, though she warned him that if he ever showed romantic feelings toward her she would castrate him.

Despite her warning and original attitude, Mimi and Billy soon became a couple. The Maguire boys continue to hate Billy, with him and Micky arguing more like siblings. The other residents treated the age gap as a joke and Patty Croker made various comments alluding to Billy being more like Mimi's child when he continually asked her for money and drinks in The Jockey. Mimi showed uncharacteristic restraint and refused to react, but it spurred to try and help Billy mature. She discussed ways of obtaining money with him and they decided to break into an old work place of Billy's mother to steal the large amount of petty cash kept there, with Mimi admitting burglary was a turn on for her. Flushed with their success, the couple had sex at home on top of the money they stole and decided to make it a regular event. However the business they broke into the next night had a silent alarm and Mimi badly hurt her ankle climbing through the window, leaving them to be caught by the police. In the back of the police car they noticed the seat belt was caught in the door, allowing them to open it and sneak away though still hand cuffed together. They took refuge in an abandoned church, something Mimi had serious trouble with due to her strong Catholic beliefs, and used a saw they found to remove their cuffs while a police chopper searched for them outside. Spurred by their relief, Billy went down on one knee and proposed to a shocked Mimi and though she had to check if he was being sincere first, she accepted.


Mimi was forced to announce the engagement when Micky found Billy writing his vows. Jamie and the other Maguire boys soon threatened Billy again, demanding that he disappear but even they came around when Mimi gave an impassioned speech at a family dinner. She revealed that Paddy had contacted her before Billy came back into her life and explained that he was now rich from his involvement with important people in the drug trade and living a life of complete luxury in Bangkok, Thailand. He had begged her to take him back and move into his mansion by the sea, where Mimi had always dreamed of living. The family expressed disbelief until Mimi showed them a first class plane ticket Paddy had sent her. Her point was that she knew her mind enough to refuse this offer, so she should be trusted to know her mind when it came to Billy. She tearfully said that she wanted to live the rest of her life with her family and that their blessing would mean more to her than they knew. The family grudgingly gave their blessing and even helped Billy get into shape for the wedding.

Billy and Mimi married soon after in a large church wedding witnessed by all the Chatsworth residents. They followed the ceremony with a reception planned by Chesney Karib which took place in the middle of the estate outside his shop.

Mimi and Billy's marriage struggled through many problems from an early stage, from Billy losing his ability to ejaculate and the couple deciding on an open marriage. The open marriage was hard for Mimi's family to accept but it was revealed to be her idea, mainly due to her insecurity and fear of not being able to give a younger Billy everything he desired sexually.

Eventually however, Billy broke down and revealed that he had only gone along with the open marriage to please Mimi and would much rather they were monogomous, even going so far as to beg her not to make him sleep with other women. Realizing just how much Billy loved her, Mimi worked through most of her insecurities and the couple began a more tranditional marriage.

To celebrate their first wedding anniversary, Mimi and Billy renewed their wedding vows at The Jockey.[1] In a ceremony befitting the odd couple, they each wore the other's wedding clothes (Mimi in Billy's suit and Billy in her dress) and exchanged new vows that included promising that should Billy ever become unable to ejaculate again only Mimi would "milk" him back to health.