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Mikhailo Aleksandr Milkovich, known as Mickey is the often serious and violent older brother of Mandy Milkovich and son of Terry Milkovich and Laura Milkovich. He is known as one of the most aggressive neighborhood thugs; having stolen several items from stores, being sent to juvie at an early age, and being raised around copious amounts of weapons in his household. He was first introduced on the show as a thug who terrorized Ian because Mandy accused him of assaulting her.

Mickey was a closeted gay. He had a sexual relationship with Ian throughout season 1 and 2 but ended up develop feelings for him later on. In season 3, Terry hired a Russian prostitude (Svetlana) to rape him after finding out about his and Ian's relationship. At the end of season 4, fear of losing Ian, he comes out in front everyone at the after-party of his presumed son Yevgeny's baptism.

Subsequently, in season 5 Mickey let Ian live in the Milkovich house. Struggling with Ian's spontaneous behavior problems, Mickey is seen to slowly come to terms with the effect that bipolar disorder has on Ian, and realizes that he needs medical attention. Ian broke up with him later on.

In season 6, he is shown to be in prison after attempting to torture Sammi after what she did to Ian in the previous season, he escapes prison in season 7 and reunites with Ian but then ends up fleeing to Mexico alone.

He returns in season 9, after finding out that Ian is in prison for blowing up a van, he ratted out the cartel that he was working for in Mexico in exchange he gets to choose to be Ian's cell mate. He is released and becomes a series regular again in season 10. At the end of season 10, he and Ian get married. In season 11, Mickey lives with the Gallaghers and starts a new business with Ian.


Mickey is a complex character, rapidly displaying many different facets to his personality throughout the 6 seasons of his appearance. He is violent, but never without reason, even if those justifications range from acceptable to tenuous. He generally seems to have physical violence. He is seemingly self-serving. He at first refuses to engage in anything deeper than a friend with benefits with Ian, but displays surprising tenderness for the boy. He's dropped out of high school, and has admitted himself to be "fucked for life". Despite him announcing to everybody at the end of season 4: "I'm fucking gay, big ol' mo", he has multiple heterosexual encounters throughout the series, even post-coming out. This shows his insecurities about his sexuality and the macho image he puts on to hide it.

His behavior is equally erratic. He is fairly self-aware. However, he displays a severe inability to express himself.

His contradictions can be attributed to his upbringing: Mickey has been raised with the expectations of the violent nature of the Milkovich family. He truly cares for his family, being close with his sister Mandy Milkovich and jumping to her defense, when she's threatened. After his relationship with Ian was revealed to her, they seemed closer in regards to him. While he initially did not care for his presumed son Yevgeny Milkovich, he came to care for him once he accepted his sexuality and took an active part in his life and being worried when Ian abruptly took him. Mickey also expressed joy in seeing his son again while he incarcerated.

As the seasons progress, Mickey progressively displays care for Ian. It is worth mentioning that his care for Ian extends somewhat to the Gallagher family as a whole. A prime example of his care about the Gallagher family is when Mickey searched for Ian and told him that it was fine if he never wanted to hang out with him, Mickey, again that was fine but told Ian that he needed to call his family and informed him of the chaos that had ensued in his absence. Before Ian dumped Mickey in the season 5 finale, he asked why Mickey cares about his situation, aka bipolar disorder. Mickey replies it is because “I love you” when Ian asks what that means Mickey tells Ian “It means we take care of each other.” This shows that Mickey’s character has matured emotionally enough that he is more comfortable at expressing himself. In season 7, Mickey went to great links to reunite with Ian after escaping prison and offered him the chance to come with him to Mexico. However, Ian gets cold feet at the last moment before Mickey crosses the border into Mexico. Ian expresses, "This isn't me anymore," and while Mickey struggles to accept it at first and tries to encourage Ian to come with him, he does pass over the border alone. Before they part ways, Ian finally says "I love you," for what is the first time he's ever said that aloud on screen. Mickey is so distraught he doesn't seem to hear this and pleads with him to "get in the f*cking car." Ian gives Mickey the contents of his savings account, which he emptied for them the previous day, and they kiss one last time before Mickey takes off and Ian watches Mickey cross the border then returns to Chicago. Before crossing into Mexico, Mickey casually tells Ian “fuck you Gallagher”, the Milkovich version of a friendly farewell. Despite their relationship apparently ending, Ian and Mickey are better people from having known each other. In Mickey’s case, Ian helped free Mickey’s personality from the chains of the Milkovich’s standards and allow Mickey to truly accept his sexuality and express his emotions better.

Mickey still cared about Ian enough to rat out the cartel he was working for just so he could be in the same prison as him. Another display of his soft spot for Ian is that he bribed a prison guard to smuggle a phone order for Ian to get the chance to meet his new nephew. He was seen pleased at watching Ian being happy. Mickey was also willing to break out of prison once again to reunite with Ian but it turned out to be for nothing since he was about to be released anyway. He came to live at the Gallagher house and was able to start a proper relationship with Ian and sharing lunch and having intimate talks. He also went to great lengths to make sure that his wedding with Ian was amazing both to anger his father and to show how much he cared about Ian.


Season 1

He was first introduced as the older brother of Mandy Milkovich and is depicted as a violent thug who terrorized Ian because Mandy accused Ian of assaulting her. However, this was cleared up but Mickey maintained a dislike to Ian.

Due to his father's ways, Mickey was very violent and did a series of bad tendencies. At one point, he began terrorizing Kash and steals the gun kept in the store for protection. When Ian confronts Mickey at his home, determined to retrieve it, it results in a fight. However, in the ensuing altercation the pair realize their attraction and have sex, revealing Mickey is a closeted homosexual and starts to befriend Ian after seeing he's gay too. The pair maintain the sexual relationship although Mickey denies any emotional attraction to Ian, who cools off his relationship with Kash. Soon this forms into a relationship, though at the start it seems that Ian is the boy most affected by their relationship. Mickey was unable to fully commit because of his family drama, while continuing his secret by sleeping with women.

Eventually, there were signs that he cared more about Ian than he was willing to let on. Mickey and Ian were caught in the act, with Mickey getting shot in the leg by Ian's jealous fling Kash and a fight broke out.

As seen in Nana Gallagher Had an Affair, he ended up in juvie while visited by Ian. He is his normal self and shows no concern for the situation.

Season 2

During Parenthood, Ian's father Frank walks to the Kash and Grab only to find the door locked. He goes round the back and collects his usual supply of beer before being surprised by the naked rear end of his son Ian, who is with Mickey. Frank's only reaction is to make several sarcastic comments, making it incredibly plain that he knows they were having sex. Frank collects cigarettes and cash from the cash register and tells Ian and Mickey to add the items to his tab before leaving. Ian does not react to his father's surprise visit but Mickey is worried. Mickey claims that his father will kill him. Mickey threatens to kill Frank. Ian attempts to talk him out of it, pointing out that Frank probably doesn't care and is very likely to forget what he saw, but Mickey is unwilling to risk it. In the heat of their argument, Mickey, out of fear of the consequences of facing his father, tells Ian he is "done" and that Ian is nothing more than a "warm mouth" to him. He later collects his brothers and makes plans to kill Frank. Following Frank as he leaves the Alibi, Mickey prepares to shoot him but develops a change of heart and cannot go through with it. He goes and assaults a police officer instead, violating his probation so that he would be imprisoned.

Season 3

In The American Dream, Mickey shows up interrupting a sexual encounter of Ian's. As they are catching up, it is revealed that Mickey would still be considered freshman in high school because he has failed all of his classes.

In May I Trim Your Hedges?, Ian asks Mickey if he had sex with a neighbor named Angie and Mickey replies that he did because "everyone fucks Angie". He then asks Ian if he ever had sex with her, to which Ian replies that he did not.Dr. L arrives at the store asking Ian out on a date which causes Mickey to show signs of jealousy. After Dr. L leaves the store, Mickey asks Ian if that was his grandpa, to which Ian says that Dr. L is just a guy he was seeing. Mickey inquires about what they do together and Ian bluntly says that they mostly just fuck, like Mickey and Angie. Mickey later shows up near the restaurant where Dr. L and Ian are going on a date. Once Ian and Dr. L leave the place, Mickey walks towards them and a shocked Ian asks him what he is doing there. After recognizing who Mickey is, Dr. L tells Ian not to be rude and invite Mickey over to his place. This, however, angers Mickey, who head-butts Dr. L and beat him up, though Ian stops him. The commotion attracts attention and police begin arriving to investigate, Mickey has to escape from the scene but calls Ian to go with him, Ian tries to briefly console Dr. L and apologizes before promising to text him later and runs away with Mickey. They run into an alley where Ian angrily asks Mickey what is wrong with him, but then they both laugh and run off together.

In the episode The Sins of My Caretaker, Dr. L shows up at Kash and Grab and asks Ian to break into his house to retrieve his suits, paintings and a bottle of wine (adding that Ian is free to steal whatever he pleases). Later, while Ian and Mickey are hanging out together; Ian going through an R.O.T.C. obstacle course. Ian informs Mickey about the plan to break into the house. Mickey is disinterested at first but is later swayed by Ian's comments that Dr. L is rich and that they are free to take what they want. Mickey is quick to comment that he does not know what Ian sees in Dr. L, referring to him as a "geriatric viagroid" but Ian points out that he receives many perks including presents and room service, and, unlike Mickey, Dr. L is not afraid to kiss him.

Ian and Mickey take two of the Milkovich cousins with them to rob the house, Ian waits in the car. As the cousins enter the house, Mickey suddenly returns to the van and gives Ian a kiss. Before Ian reacts, Mickey starts running back to the house. Ian is seen smiling in the van as Mickey leaves. Things quickly take a turn, however, when the boys drop a clock and wake Dr. L's wife Candace, who appears with a gun and shoots Mickey in the butt. Ian quickly drives a wounded Mickey back to the Gallagher house where Dr. L is called to remove the bullet.

In Cascading Failures, Ian and Lip are put in a level 15 group home. While at work in the store, Mickey advises Ian not to have sex with anyone since it could expose his sexuality and get him beaten up. He tells Ian that his dad and brothers are out of town, so Ian can stay with him if he wants. Ian jokes, "Was I just invited to a sleepover?" to which Mickey replies, "Fuck you is what you were invited to." Ian laughs and looks after Mickey as the latter goes elsewhere in the store.

They stay up talking and watching movies that night: Mickey cooks for Ian, and glances at Ian as their movie starts, Ian is seen to slowly turn to glance at Mickey, but by then Mickey is already looking back at the TV screen. They resume attention to the movie.

Mickey is seen to be pretty intimate with Ian as he shows Ian his Ben Wa beads, asking him to "do the honors". Ian, puzzled, holds up the beads and examines them, ultimately joking, "Rosary for giants?" and holds them up around Mickey's neck. Mickey smiles, telling him what they are really for. Ian stares at the beads again and replies, "How is that fun for me?" and slaps Mickey's back so he would go on the couch. But soon after they start,  Terry walks in on them (arriving home early from his trip). He becomes infuriated and attacks Ian as he attempts to get dressed, asking if Mandy wasn't enough for him. Mickey jumps on top of Terry and attempts to pull him away from Ian, saying, "Get the fuck off him!" Terry then begins to beat Mickey in the face. Ian tries to escape while Terry is preoccupied with Mickey, but Terry points a gun at Ian, ordering him to sit on the couch. Mickey goes to grab the gun, but Terry pistol whips him. Terry then calls a Russian girl to "fuck the faggot" out of Mickey. Terry also forces Ian to watch, and both Ian and Mickey share looks as the woman rides Mickey. Mickey quickly flips her over and has sex with her, wanting to show his father that he's "cured".

After this, Mickey tries to isolate himself, but Ian finds him shooting a gun in a building. He tries to talk about what happened with Mickey, but Mickey says nothing, leaving Ian frustrated. Mandy later mentions to Ian that Mickey is getting married to some "whore he knocked up". Ian finds Mickey again to discuss about it. When Mickey does nothing but leave, Ian follows him and tries to make him talk. Ian then tells Mickey to "fag bash" him if it would help him feel like a man. Mickey punches Ian in the abdomen and as Ian keels from the hit, he looks away and swears, then grabs for his bottle from the ground and leaves. But Ian tells Mickey to admit that he loves him. Mickey punches him in the face, Ian says, "Feel better now? Feel like a man?" Mickey kicks him in the mouth. Mickey then leaves saying, "Feel better now."

Later, it is revealed by Mandy that Mickey's fiancée is the Russian prostitute that Terry hired. On Mickey's wedding day, Ian pays him a surprise visit. Ian is furious and argues with Mickey, wanting him not to go through with the wedding if he cared "half a shit" about him. Mickey grabs Ian and kisses him. They then have sex. Afterwards, Mickey tells Ian that he is still going through with the wedding and they get into another fight; Mickey asks why Ian is making it look like he has a choice, to which Ian tries to tell him not to let Terry control him. Mickey tells Ian he knows nothing about his dad. Right then, Mandy walks in looking for Mickey, and Mickey leaves. Later on, at the ceremony, Ian starts drinking. That night, after most of the guests leave, Lip comes and fights with Mandy. Ian drunkenly starts talking to Lip, and states that he should try "watching <<...>> the guy he's been fucking get married to some random Commie Skank". Mandy hears Ian, finally finding out about him and Mickey.

Supposedly, some time has passed, and Mickey sees Ian again when the latter visits Mandy. Mickey tries to chat with him, and perhaps reconcile so they could continue with their relationship, but Ian tells him about his plan to enlist. He will be away for at least 4 years. Mickey is shocked but says, "Don't... Just..." and Ian leaves. Mandy then walks in asking if that was all he had had to say to Ian. Mickey immediately looks at Mandy, realizing that she knows about him and Ian. Mandy calls him "a fucking pussy" and walks away. Mickey is left alone in his room.

Season 4

In Simple Pleasures, Mickey is first seen in his house managing the family's income, criticizing what his brother stole and how little pay his wife was earning. His brother states, "There's an ATM card," to which Mickey replies, "Congratulations, it has no fucking pin number. What are you gonna do, rob the same mailboxes everyday until they send the pin?" and gives him a disgusted look. As Mandy walks to the table, Mickey asks her who was at the door. Mandy tells Mickey that Debbie was looking for Ian, Mickey asks if she saw him, to which Mandy replies, "Why do you care?" Mickey casually states, "Don't."

Later in the episode, Mickey is seen drinking at the Alibi. Mickey asks Kevin, "Any news from Gallagher?" Kevin assumes at first that he is asking about Frank, but Mickey says "Not fucking Frank, the other one. The redhead." Kevin did not hear from Ian, and as he goes to answer a phone call, adding jokingly, "Why? He owe you money or something?" Mickey does not reply. The phone call turns out to be about Stan, the owner of the bar. Mickey, the other customers, and Kevin cheer for Stan. Later, Mickey is seen at his home, appearing in a corridor. He sees Mandy making out with her new boyfriend in her room through the open door, and immediately closes it, saying, "Oh, Christ, close the damn door! Nobody wants to see that mandingo shit! Fuck!" He then angrily heads to the bathroom and slams the door, shutting himself inside.

He paces around and finally leans on the sink, seeing his reflection in the mirror. After a pause, he goes to a pile of magazines stashed next to the toilet and takes one out, flipping through the pages until he finds a photo of Ian. Mickey stares at the photo for a while before taking it out and putting it up on the mirror. He tries to pleasure himself while looking at Ian's photo but fails and, out of anger and frustration, punches the mirror. Soon Mickey's wife, Svetlana, knocks at the door, asking if he is okay, to which he replies after a small pause, "Yeah... Slipped." On being asked to hurry up, Mickey takes one last look at the photo of Ian; and returns the photo and magazine to the pile on the ground. As he leaves the bathroom, his wife watches him go and looks at the broken mirror.

In Like Father, Like Daughter, Mickey is seen drinking. As Kevin and another customer were just talking about a topic, they stare at Mickey. Kevin points out a "ginger" woman at another end of the bar, and suggests Mickey to buy her a drink. Mickey does not do so but just directly propositions her. Mickey is seen having sex with her in the bathroom of the Alibi.

In Strangers on a Train, Mickey is seen dragging Svetlana with him to confront her boss about her low pay. As the boss was away and there was only one guard present, Mickey confronts him instead. The guard states that Sasha (the boss) decides how much the prostitutes get for their work, and Mickey replies that Sasha needs to know that "his wife is a hooker, not a slave". At the guard's nonchalance, Mickey brings all prostitutes out of their rooms (even if they were having customers). As all the prostitutes (Some are seemingly confused but are following the crowd.) leave with Mickey, Mickey states to the guard, "No one's getting laid till they get paid." Mickey takes the prostitutes to the Alibi and announces to Kevin how he "emancipated his wife and her fellow cumguzzlers", and how he is their "Abe Lincoln". Mickey soon receives a message from Sasha, who wants a meeting, Mickey prepares to leave the bar.

When Mickey returns to the store, he finds it empty and eerily quiet, cautiously takes out his gun and heads toward the back. Sasha is found with the guard outside the back of the store, Mickey bargains with Sasha to pay the prostitutes higher but she shows him the new prostitutes she has gathered, and tells him to "fuck himself". Mickey realizes he does not have much bargaining power. Mickey is forced to have them stay temporarily in his house, until he figures out what to do. The prostitutes are constantly rambling. One time, Svetlana angrily tells Mickey that he has "taken jobs away" and, "They say you're stupid fucking idiot!" 

In Iron City Mickey does not appear, but events occur which may set the stage up for potential future events: Terry is seen to be arrested again, he has failed another urine test. Lip was on his way to visit the Milkovich house when he witnessed the arrest. Lip tells Mandy what has happened asks Mandy to tell Ian about it. Mandy agrees to do so.

In A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, And Parasitic Twin, Mandy confronts Mickey about Ian, and tells him to go find him. She tells Mickey that she has been looking for him, but could not find him; he was ignoring her text.

Mickey arrives at a club called The White Swallow, shows the manager a picture of Ian, asks if he has seen him. The manager claims not to know Ian, and tells Mickey to buy himself a drink; and fall in love with somebody else. Mickey threatens the manager with a number of different charges, before he reveals that Ian is at the club's second location. Mickey goes to the club, and finds Ian giving a lap dance to an older man; Mickey tries to talk to him, Mickey agrees to pay him. During Ian's dance, Mickey continues persuade Ian to leave with him. Ian ignores Mickey. The dance finishes, and Ian attempts to leave. Mickey tells him that it's fine if he doesn't want to hang out with Mickey, but Ian needs to call his family. Ian seems interested, despite his shaking. However, Mickey leaves the club alone.

Later, Ian is seen with a man, waiting for an Uber. Ian is clearly on drugs, wearing nothing but a tank top. The man tells Ian that he plans to take him home, but Mickey appears. Ian passes out. Mickey picks him up. 

At the Milkovich house, Mickey is shown staring at Ian. Svetlana appears, slowly, Mickey becomes aware of her watching him.

In Hope Springs Paternal, Svetlana kicks Ian out of Mickey's house, threatening him with a hammer. Svetlana informs Mickey about this, at the Alibi, in front of Kevin, without mentioning Ian's name, only calling him a "carrot boy". Mickey goes to look for Ian at the Gallagher house, and agrees to give him oral pleasure. He spends the night, sleeping on the floor. Mandy comes to tell Mickey that his wife is about to give birth. He refuses to go see her, and says that "he doesn't even know if the baby is his". After Mandy and Ian's siblings leave the kitchen, Mickey offers some coffee. Ian who asks Mickey to come see him at work. In the club, Mickey threatens a man who tried to touch Ian. Ian tells Mickey that they have been invited to an after-party. Upon Mickey's discomfort, Ian attempts to kiss him. Mickey pulls away, shocked, but then looks around him, realizes the reason why Ian took him there. He looks at Ian to kiss him. Ian kisses him. Ian and Mickey end up spending the night together on a fold-out bed. The host wakes Mickey up to ask him what he wanted for breakfast, and then asks him if he and Ian just met.

In The Legend of Bonnie & Carl, Svetlana is holding the baby and confronts Mickey. Svetlana says that she does not earn enough to take care of the baby. Svetlana asks Mickey to take care of the baby. She threatens Mickey, demanding 500 $s. Mickey goes to meet Ian outside of the club to ask for money. Ian doesn't have enough. They go to a hotel where Ian propositions a wealthy older man at the bar. After entering the hotel room, the man throws Ian onto the bed and Mickey comes out of the closet to take a photo. Mickey then sucker punches the man in the face. Ian redresses up. Confused, the man announces that he's going to call the police; but Mickey stops him, threatening to "out" him. Mickey tells that "they're going to take a trip downstairs to the ATM".

Mickey is working at The Alibi when Svetlana reveals their baby's name to him. Mickey gives her 500 $s but she threatens him again. Then, Mickey goes back to his house. Svetlana is not there. Kenyatta runs into Mickey on his way out. Yevgeny's babysitter asks Mickey if he wants to look after Yevgeny. He says no and goes into his room. As he enters into the bathroom, he runs into his sister, who was just presumably beaten up by Kenyatta. Mickey is shocked, and Mandy abruptly closes the door, asking, "What the fuck you looking at?"

In Liver, I Hardly Know Her, Mickey walks into the kitchen, where Ian is cooking pancakes. They chat and Mickey gives Ian money for the food. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Ian has been sleeping very little. Ian has a "ton of energy". Debbie comes down the stairs, and tells Ian that Fiona is gone. Then Mandy comes to the kitchen. When Mickey is at work, where he treats "his whores" poorly; Kevin confronts him about the money, believing Mickey stole it. Mickey tells him that "it is his money". Kevin, who just has had his twins, loses patience; and points his gun at Mickey. Mickey says, "You're robbing me with my own gun?" and tells Kevin that "he better pull the trigger". Kevin insists that and Mickey tells him, "Big mistake."

Mickey leaves the house, policemen arrive to ask about Fiona. Mickey warns Debbie and Carl.

In Emily Mickey informs Ian that "he'll be going to his son's christening", but when Ian offers to come along, Mickey asks him not to. Ian replies, asking "if he and Mickey are a couple", Ian is unhappy for Mickey has been "closeted". Mickey goes to the christening alone. Svetlana insists to for Terry, who never arrives. Ian shows up. Then, at the after-party, Svetlana tells Mickey that she does not want Ian, and demands his leaving. When Mickey tells Ian this, they begin to argue. Ian tells Mickey that "if Mickey makes Ian leave, Mickey shouldn’t bother to come home". Then, Mickey’s father arrives, and Svetlana threatens Mickey again; because Ian hasn't left. Ian then pulls Mickey aside to tell him that "he's leaving". When Mickey tells him to see him at home, Ian tells him that "they are over". Ian says "I'm tired of being a mistress," and leaves Mickey. Before Ian leaves, Mickey calls everyone and announces that he is "gay". Everyone is seemingly unaffected by the announcement, Terry flies into a rage. He and Mickey fight with each other until Ian headbutts Terry. Mickey and Terry are both arrested, as Terry continues to shout gay swears at him but Mickey gets even by telling him of his activities with Ian as further revenge for his treatment. Mickey laughs as Terry is taken away while he is soon released by a gay cop who supports his choices and Mickey is shocked but relieved. Then, Mickey and Ian are both outside, Mickey and Ian laugh.  

In Lazarus, Svetlana offers Mickey the chance to have sex with her. No longer blackmailed by her, he turns her down. However, Svetlana shares that she is potentially bisexual and wants another woman to come. She also demands Mickey to help her with the baby more. Mickey goes back to the bedroom in which Ian who hiding under the covers. After being ignored, Mickey walks out.

Mickey goes to the bar, and returns home, Ian is still in bed. When Mickey continues to ask what is wrong, Ian finally tells him to leave him alone.

Then, Mickey shows up at the Gallagher house. When Carl shares that Lip is not at home, Mickey tells Carl that Ian is not responding to him. Carl and Deb come with Mickey to the Milkovich house to try and figure out what is wrong with Ian. Ian doesn’t respond to them either. Debbie says that she recognizes his symptoms.

Then they bring Fiona to see Ian, Ian refuses to respond to her as well. Fiona shares that she thinks Ian might be bipolar like their mother, and suggest to take him to the clinic.

Season 5

Mickey is now getting along with Svetlana and taking an active part in his son's life. He has come to terms with his sexuality and is trying to be productive.

Much of Season 5 is revolved around Mickey trying to deal with Ian.

In the season finale, Ian breaks up with Mickey, stating that "he doesn't need to be fixed". This is in reference to his bipolar disorder, which Mickey feels that Ian needs to be taking medication to control, whereas Ian refuses to do so; because he hates the way the drugs make him feel. The devastation Mickey must have been feeling was rudely and abruptly interrupted when Sammi showed up waving a gun as she chased him down the alley in a gross attempt at humor. Only to be compounded when it appeared that Ian cared nothing for the danger Mickey was in or the hurt he had caused him. Mickey is heard cursing Sammi, as they run before police cars follow after the pair.

Season 6

In the season premiere episode 'I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing', Svetlana, Yevgeny, and Ian went to visit Mickey in jail (which he only agreed to do after Svetlana agreed to pay him fifty dollars). Mickey is serving eight years in jail for the attempted murder of Sammi Slott. He is paid to commit acts of violence against other inmates, as it is revealed by Svetlana when she tells him to stab a man in the eye. Mickey also reveals a tattoo of Ian's name across his chest. He asks Ian to wait for him, but Ian lied that he will wait. Mickey remains incarcerated for the rest of the season.

While not appearing in person, Mickey's presence is felt on multiple occasions. Ian later mentioned Mickey to his future boyfriend Caleb and details him, to Caleb's amusement.

Season 7

Mickey is mentioned by Kev on the fact that Svetlana and Mickey were never legally married.

He is mentioned by Svetlana in Own Your Shit, she calls him a jailbird who is no longer her husband.

As of Ouroboros, Mickey has broken out of prison, with his escape being reported to Ian by the police on knowledge of his whereabouts. Ian was shocked to learn Mickey is loose. In Ride or Die, Mickey has some old contacts abduct Ian and have him brought to their old stomping ground at a stadium. Mickey now sports longer hair and a beard. He ignores Ian's protests at being abducted by imploring Ian to flee with him across the border with one of his fellow escapee. He gives Ian time to think of it. Later, Ian visits him and Mickey asks if he is coming to say goodbye but the latter agrees to go with.

The ride goes good in Happily Ever After, as the two have fun by smoking and having sex though Mickey's associate makes it bad by robbing a store. Mickey and Ian are forced to ditch the latter after seeing him as a hindrance. They soon reach a smuggler who refuses to help since they are a threat that could ruin his business. Mickey soon goes with Ian to a bank and he is shocked Ian had an account set up to simply withdraw money and not rob it as he had assumed. Ian tells him they need a low profile and Mickey agrees. On the road, Ian has second thoughts and leaves him. Saddened but seeing his mind made, Mickey escapes the country alone in drag.

Season 9

He is mentioned in Black Haired Ginger by his father to still be in Mexico, when Ian comes to visit.

When Ian is sentenced to two years in prison for his role as Gay Jesus in Face It, You're Gorgeous, he finds out Mickey is his new cellmate. Mickey explains to a surprised Ian that he worked as an informant, during his time with a cartel in exchange for getting to choose where he would be locked up again. The two lovers are happily reunited and kiss, continuing their relationship.

In "Found," when Fiona visits Ian in prison, he mentions that Mickey is working in the prison laundry. Fiona is amused by this and asks Ian to send her pictures.

Season 10

During Sleep Well My Prince For Tomorrow You Shall Be King, Mickey is still in prison with Ian and things appear to be turbulent in the six months that passed. The repeated arguing is known to get out of hand by most of the other inmates in the prison. At one point, Ian suggest they go on a break with him going into solitary after stabbing an inmate. Outraged, Mickey decide to stab that prisoner instead and get sent to solitary himself but they are locked down because of the jail. The next day, they both barge into the medical bay and repeatedly stabbed the inmate when a guard appears and is familiar with the inmate stops this. He has both of them come with him and tells the two to stop their bickering.

In Which America?, Mickey continues to have problems with Ian, especially when he soon gets a letter telling him he has a parole hearing. While he is excited, Mickey is not too pleased, since he went through all this to be with him. This causes an argument the ends where Ian saying he will tank his parole. Later on, he and Ian talk again and he reveals he spoke with Debbie and learned Lip has his child but the call was ended. Later on, Mickey meets older prisoners who knew his father and were on good terms with him. Mickey discusses his issues with them and the prisoners tell him that he should of had “the talk”, which is the plan of what to do after release. They implore Mickey to let Ian make his own choices, something that he considers. Mickey later watched Ian attempt to stab another prisoner. However, Mickey had anticipated this and along with a couple of other prisoners stop Ian and bring him back to their cell. Mickey tells Ian that he has to be released in order to meet his new addition to the family and that they will work something out. That night, Mickey and Ian are in their cell before a guard comes by and Mickey bribes him for an item. Mickey gives Ian the item, which is a phone that Mickey had smuggled in. Happy with this, Ian quickly calls his brother at Mickey's urging. Mickey watches Ian see his new nephew while smiling at the latter being amazed.

During Adios Gringos, Mickey tries to escape prison but fails when a guard finds him attempting to smuggle himself in the medical waste that is routed for the incinerator instead of being loaded up in the truck. Mickey is sent to the warden’s office and the latter berates him for his attempts to escape, while also revealing that he was already scheduled to be released. Mickey is shocked to hear that his previous work as an informant is actually helping his case and he has been moved up on the early release list. Happy to hear this, Mickey awaits his release but is told the cartel from his work as an informant are looking for him. While on the bus, Mickey becomes paranoid to his previous cartel workers tailing him. He jumped off the bus and ran off until the car finds him. Mickey is surprised to learn that the car following him was actually that of his friendly parole officer Larry Seaver who was only going to give him a ride. Presumably, his parole officer drop him off but Mickey was forced to sneak into Ian’s window at the Gallagher’s house. Mickey tells his surprised boyfriend about his release and they happily reunite with a kiss. Mickey then moves into the Gallagher house, where he is happy to be with Ian however when the latter gets into trouble with his parole officer. Mickey is concerned and the officer recognizes him as a Milkovich, stating if she would’ve had him she would’ve really moved up.

In Citizen Carl, Mickey is still living in the Gallagher house where his cousin Sandy Milkovich drops off some of his belongings. They catch up and Mickey rebuffs her implied sexual advances. A short scene occurs with Ian jumping in to Mickey's defense. When Ian complains about his parole officer, Mickey tells him to suck it up goes to the new job Larry set up for him. It is shown that Mickey has been given the job of a security guard at the mall clothing shop. Mickey is made to go to work after one of the employees catches a person shoplifting. Mickey chases her and after detaining her, he threatens her by telling her he just got out of prison so he has no qualms with hurting her, which forces her to surrender. Sometime later, while eating lunch with Ian, the latter once more complaints about his parole officer. At that moment, Paula shows up and antagonizes the pair. Mickey remarks that he’s happy that she isn't his parole officer. However, Paula reveals that she pulled some strings with Larry and is now Mickey’s parole officer as well. Paula remarks that she will make good use with him since he’s a Milkovich. Mickey is forced to track down Paula's parolee who escaped her sights and at her urgings throws him out a window. At the end, he agrees with Ian that Paula has to die.

During Debbie Might Be a Prostitute, he and Ian were preparing to hang out before they are visited by cops. Mickey runs from them on instinct and is soon found by Ian after the cops leave. Mickey was informed that Paula was killed after being thrown out of a window. Mickey is delighted but he and Ian are suspicious of each other. Sometime later, he visits his family and asks his father for advice after telling him about Paula and Ian's behavior. Mickey suggests he take the fall but Terry states because of the Milkovich reputation, its a bad idea. After his family suggest, he marry Ian to prevent testifying, Terry rebuffs the idea by voicing his disgust before his niece stated she was gay too. Mickey meets Ian at Patsy's and tells him Larry is once more his parole officer. Mickey and Ian went to the courthouse to get married before they suddenly watch a news bulletin that reveals Paula was pushed out of the window by another one of her parolees. Despite the good news, Mickey is upset that Ian doesn’t want to marry him and pushes him down the stairs breaking his leg.

In Now Leaving Illinois, Ian approaches Mickey only to discover that Mickey has a new boyfriend, Byron, whose Vespa no longer works since Ian pissed in his gas tank. Mickey refuses to talk to Ian alone, stating that anything Ian wants to say he can tell Mickey in front of "the love of my life, Byron." Figuring he made a mistake, Ian starts to leave, but Byron invites him to join them at a show. In response to Mickey's dig that Ian has "a lot of personal work to do before you can play the field," Ian claims that he took a page out of Mickey's playbook and hooked up with the first person he could find and had come to tell Mickey that he'd moved on. However, Ian was lying to Mickey and desperately searches Grindr for a date to cover it up. At the show, Mickey is amused by Ian's date Cole while Ian overhears Byron telling another guy that he hooked up with Mickey once and then he moved in so Byron brought Ian to the show in an attempt to get rid of Mickey. Byron insults Mickey, causing Ian to beat Byron up while Mickey knocked out Cole for his own comments. Ian proposed to Mickey on the spot, only to have Mickey interrupt his speech and accept his proposal, leading the two to kiss. Mickey returns home with Ian for Lip's family meeting where Mickey initially suspects Lip is going to tell them he's going to prison. Lip reveals to the family that he's moving with Tami and his son to Milwaukee.

In Gallavich, flashbacks show that Mickey committed a series of armed robberies to pay for his and Ian's wedding. Ian and Mickey's wedding venue is burned down by Terry, leaving Mickey homicidally angry at his father to the point that Ian has to restrain him and later handcuff Mickey to keep him from doing something rash. Mickey is convinced that until Terry is dead, he can never be happy and is dismissive of their friends and family's attempts to find an alternative solution. The others eventually find a new venue at a polka hall, but it requires Mickey to pretend to marry Debbie due to the homophobic owner. With Debbie distracting the owner, Kevin keeping the bartender from intervening and Ian's Gay Jesus followers keeping Terry away, Ian and Mickey are able to get married with Mickey being walked down the aisle by Sandy. Ian and Mickey enjoy their reception, dancing to Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" and later driving off in a Mercedes owned by Frank's ex Faye to their honeymoon. However, while celebrating their honeymoon and deciding on their last name, Ian and Mickey's hotel room is shot up by the still-angry Terry. Thankfully, neither Ian or Mickey are harmed. Both of them, Terry is still not OK with their union.


  • Mickey suffers from internalized homophobia, and he shows it often in his way of speaking, using homophobic, misogynistic, and racist swearing.
  • Mickey has never held a legal job other than as security at the Kash & Grab.
    • In Season 5, he got a job to support his son.
    • After his release from prison, Mickey is once more given a job as a security guard but at the mall clothing store.
    • In Season 11, Mickey and Ian become security guards for a weed farm.
  • In a scene with Mandy and Kenyatta, Mickey is ready to defend Mandy if he were to hit her, and he tells her she doesn't have to put up with him.
  • He is slightly older than Ian as a reference by several comments made by him.
  • Unlike his sister Mandy, it is unknown if Mickey is even aware of his half sister Molly.
  • His cousin Sandy is implied to be attracted to him but Mickey is disgusted by her incestuous advances.
    • Mickey later confirms in season 11 that he and Sandy committed incest.
  • Mickey is estranged from his son Yevgeny Milkovich.
  • Mickey's family is of Ukrainian descent. Because of Svetlana's use of the Russian Orthodox church for Yevgeny's baptism, it is possible his family also aligns with the Russian Orthodox church which could explain his family's homophobic beliefs and his own history of internalized homophobia.
  • Despite being on bad terms with his father, Terry knew where Mickey fled.
  • Mickey has at least 3 visible tattoos in season 10.
    • FUCK U-UP across his knuckles
    • A skull and "LADO SUR SIEMPRE" ("South Side Forever" in Spanish) on his right forearm
    • Ian Galager - on his chest which he did himself in prison and misspelled
  • By Season 10, he and Terry are now on neutral terms but Terry still doesn’t approve of his relationship with Ian.
    • However tensions between Terry and Mickey return after Ian and Mickey getting engaged. Terry threatens Mickey at gunpoint, burns down the original wedding venue, and possibly a ranges or participate in an attempt a drive-by shooting on Ian and Mickey after the wedding.
  • There was a deleted scene in season nine where Mickey is seen selling things to a bunch of tourists in Mexico before spotting Ian's gay Jesus shirt. This could be how he became aware of where Ian was locked up.
  • It is unknown what terms Mickey was on with his mother.
  • In spite of being worried about the cartel in Season 10, he does not seem worried in Season 11.
  • In O Captain, My Captain, Mickey reveals to Byron that he "gets GERD" (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) if he eats after 7pm.
  • According to Mickey and Sandy in Gallavich, as kids, after they would return from Trick-or-Treating, his father Terry would steal their candy. He would also open their Christmas presents, take what he liked and pawn the rest. On another occasion, Terry put Mickey into foster care for a year just so that he could run drugs for the Sinaloa Cartel.
  • In the last episode of Season 11, it's stated as a plot point that Mickey and Ian's first wedding anniversary is on the 21st of the month, though which month is never explicitly stated.
    • A political rant earlier in the episode places the date the episode takes place after January 6th, 2021. The episode aired mid-April, 2021, thus placing their wedding date either on January 21st, 2020 (a Tuesday, an unlikely day for a wedding), March 21st, 2020 (a Saturday, but after COVID Lockdowns began in the US), or February 21st, 2020 (a Friday wedding).
    • When Ian asked Mickey if he knew what day it was, he responds with, "I don't know, Thursday?" but it could just be a reflex. However, if that were the case, it would put their anniversary on January 21st. But, Frank's urn says it was March 21st, which is also the more accepted answer from the fandom.

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