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Meena Karib is the daughter of Yvonne and Kash Karib and the sister of Chesney. She was known to be quite wild in her early teen years, convincing many boys that she was pregnant in order to get money from them for abortions, as she did with Carl Gallagher until her mother found out and revealed the truth. She later matured, reacting calmly when she found out that Yvonne had helped fake Kash's death only feeling bad for her brother who was having trouble dealing with it.

In Series 5, she arranged a marriage with a medical student from Pakistan, faking being her mother to his parents to gain their approval but later got cold feet and didn't go through with it. She later set her sights on a modeling career and though she was never visibly successful, she continued to follow that path until leaving Chatsworth during Series 7, when Meena moved to Pakistan with her mother and her boyfriend Stan.


  • Both Meena and Chesney appeared at the beginning of Series 1, but were not named at the time.
  • Meena was briefly portrayed by Sarah Patel at the end of Series 4, but her role was re-cast for Sarah Byrne, who appeared throughout Series 5 and 6.
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