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May I Trim Your Hedges? is the third episode of the  Season 3 of the US version of Shameless.


Fiona applies for a job as a cashier in a grocery store but has second thoughts after the store manager makes sexual advances towards her. Veronica then uses a hidden camera to catch the manager making advances towards her to blackmail him into giving Fiona the job with good hours.

Sheila allows Frank to take baby Hymie to his doctor's appointment for her, but instead of taking him to the appointment Frank tries to use Hymie to scam a children's foundation for an autographed basketball to sell. When he finds out the foundation is for children with cancer he decides to use Carl, convincing Carl he might be dying from "cancer."

Kev's wife Cheryl is trying to get him back by pretending her sister's child is hers and his. When she admits this, Veronica and her get into a physical fight and Veronica forces her to sign the divorce papers.

Lip leads a crusade to take down sex offenders in the neighborhood after Debbie witnesses a man masturbating on the bus, but fails after he and his posse discover one sex offender they go after is a woman who used to be a teacher. He then decides to flirt with her and is successful while taking a picture of them kissing as evidence for the police. However, he has second thoughts after she gives him a "lesson" and having wild sex with her. Mandy finds out and confronts her by persuading her to move out as she scares her with a dug grave in her yard.

Jimmy spends time with Estefania creating false wedding photos in order to protect her from immigration services. When riding in a car Estefania puts Jimmy's hand between her legs and masturbates with it. Jimmy feels like he betrayed Fiona. Ian is confused when Mickey sleeps with a neighborhood girl. Mickey discovers Ian's relationship with Jimmy's father, Lloyd, and follows them to a bar where he attacks Lloyd after he calls Mickey Ian's boyfriend.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Eric Edelstein - Bobby Mallison
  • Bernardo de Paula - Beto
  • Cameron Richardson - Cheryl
  • Justine Lupe - Blake Collins
  • C.J. Berdahl - Kyle
  • Melissa De Sousa - Tina
  • J. Michael Trautman - Iggy Milkovich
  • Julia Boyd - Angie Zago
  • DuShon Monique Brown - Teresa
  • Kevin Dorian - Man on Bus
  • Brendon Eggertsen - Teenager
  • Holly Hannula - Reporter
  • Zoran Korach - Jenks
  • Darris Love - Gangster
  • Michael Patrick McGill - Tommy
  • Tray McVay - Gang Leader
  • Kerry O'Malley - Kate


  • Tanya Kuppa - Bride
  • Zach Winard - William


Blake: Are you coming, Philip?
Lip: (grabbing his phone) Uh..yeah, yes coming
Blake: Bring the peanut butter!
(Lip looks intently at the jar of peanut butter and puts his phone away and runs to join Blake)


  • Frank references Carl making a meth lab with Peggy in Season 2.
  • Kev's estranged wife was last mentioned in season one.
  • Debbie gets her first kiss.