Marry Me (1) is the eighth episode of the seventh series of Shameless.

After pulling off their latest wedding scam with the aid of Paddy and Micky, Shane proposes to Kelly at The Jockey, but she walks away embarrassed. Afterwards, Kelly insists that they don't need to improve on what they already have, so a hurt Shane tells her its over. But after lap-dancing, she takes in a client, which enrages Shane who assaults the client, but this makes things worse. Later, Shane learns of a shameful secret between Kelly and his father.

During a party at Chesney's house, a girl is raped while drunk. But 'Bonehead', the boy who raped her, recorded the incident on his mobile, which he sent out to his friends. Unfortunately, one of the people who found out about was the girls brother, a local thug named Jimmy Dee, who savagely beat Bonehead with a baseball bat. Both Carl and Chesney are the only witnesses. Bonehead shortly dies while in hospital. Chesney and Carl later attempt to report the incident to CID, but Jimmy and his gang prevent from coming forward, and threaten to harm Liam if they do. Jimmy tells them to leave Chatsworth.

Frank is not happy with Patty moving in with Libby. Offering to re-paint the living room for her, Frank hurts his leg after trying to steal some luminescent paint, and manages to steal a wheelchair form the hospital. When a beer can, part of a pack placed out of reach, goes missing, Liam stages a controlled fire in the kitchen to force Frank out of the wheelchair.


. Narrator: Kelly-Marie Ball. This is the first episode to be narrated by her.

. Shane Maguire and Kelly finally get married.

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