Margo Mierzejewski is a recurring character introduced in Season 7 of Shameless. She is business women buying a lot of properties on the South Side. She owns Patsy's and was the one who fired Fiona Gallagher.


Season 7

In "Swipe, Fuck, Leave", she is working at her desk when Fiona comes in asking to quit her manager job. She gets a cake from Chad who walks in, and decides she wants to shut down Patsy's. After Fiona asks to stay on as manager in oder for the restaurant to stay open, Margo agrees, just asking for it to stay afloat.

In "Own Your Shit", she visits Patsy's, after Fiona asks Chad for a raise, to tell her she will get half of what she asked for. After Fiona tries to negotiate, Margo tells her she won't negotiate with people who don't own commercial properties and to take the bone she was thrown.

In "You'll Never Ever Get a Chicken in Your Whole Entire Life", Margo visits Patsy's again when Fiona tells her she bought a laundromat and asks for advice for first time owners. Margos advice is not to do it because people who ask for advice don't have a clue what it takes.

In "Ride or Die, she asks to see Fiona, and at Patsy's, she offers to buy her lease. She plains of obsorbing all the outstanding leases. She offers Fiona more when she declines the first offer. Margo tells Fiona to think about it and will ask for her answer the following day.

The next day, Margo offers more money after Fiona tells her that she promised Etta she could continue living there and that she's doing well. Margo finally offers more money and tells her she's renovating the whole block. If Fiona says no again, then she would go and develop another block. Leaving, Margo motions the offer espies at the end of the day.

Season 8

In "The (Mis)Education of Liam Fergus Beircheart Gallagher", Margo is going over the progress of Patsy's with Fiona when she asks about the church she is selling. Margo mentions how the church is a liability and the only interest is from a shelter. Margo offers to sell it to Fiona but she declines. The only other interest came from a pair of brothers who are artists, but they found another space.

After Fiona has Mel talk to the brothers about the space, Margo, Fiona and the brothers start the business deal at Patsy's. In the middle of talking, Ian Gallagher shows up with a check for the downpayment for the church. She asks who is is, with Ian and Fiona revealing they know each other.

In "Sleepwalking", Fiona meets with Margo and tries to sell her building. After knowing it was a distress sale, she lowers her offer by more than half. She then gives Fiona advice after she is about to leave in order to save her building.

Season 9

In "Los Diablos", Margo visits Fiona at Patsy's after she learns of the possible robbery. After stating she knew all the facts and how Fiona was drinking on the job, she fires her. Explaining she's been getting calls about her for months, she says Fiona should straighten herself out, but not on her watch. She leaves while making Eliza acting manager.

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