Luther Winslow is a character introduced in Season 6. He is the father of Dominique Winslow, the former girlfriend of Carl Gallagher.

Season 6

He introduced as the overprotective father of Dominique and keeps her away from Carl who goes through his thug phase. He makes it clear to Carl that as a cop, he won't hesitate to attack him if he comes near his daughter.

After Carl and Dominique start dating, he is not all pleased but pleased his daughter is happy. He still disapproves of Carl and threatens him from time to time but Dominique defends her boyfriend.

Season 7

After learning she has gonorrhea, Luther angrily goes after Carl and accuses him of being the one who caused it. He chases after Carl through the Gallagher house to make him pay. This causes Carl to get tested and later follow Dominique to catch her kissing a college man, he takes a picture and reclaims the bike he brought her.

Carl goes to the Winslow house and meets Luther who tries to attack Carl but the latter shows him his medical tests and the picture of his daughter's activities. Luther is angry to see his child lied about going to a friend. He asks for Carl's help to track her down to punish her and the latter agrees.

With his police buddies, he storms the college frat house and Dominique is sent home where she is grounded for a month.

Sometime later, Luther now gets along with Carl and is now standing against his daughter's wishes since she betrayed his trust. It was Luther who persuaded Carl to join military school and better his checkered life.

When Carl considered to get back with Dominique and of his decision not to go to school, he told Luther of his decision. Hearing this Luther had Carl come with him, he showed Carl that his daughter is still up to no good. He insults her new boyfriend and take away his daughter's beer as he tells Carl to get acquainted with him. Carl gets back at both of them by revealing her STD, which left her boyfriend horrified with her.

Luther later helps Carl get into school by having learn of his heritage and sees Carl is half Indian while Luther is half-pilgrim.

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