Lost is the fourteenth episode of Season 9.


While working, Fiona bumps into Max Whitiford who is surprised to see her working at the station. He tells her of the recent events from her old investment on the lot and how it is making more money. Fiona is surprised to hear this even more so when Max offers to buy her out now so she wouldn't have to wait a year to claim her money. Fiona thanks him and accepts his offer and he makes plans on calling her the next day and leaves out. After he leaves, Fiona is elated at having hit a huge break.


  • Fiona's building is torn down and Frank narrowly escapes but injures his leg.
  • Frank's record of hospital visits is mentioned, as the staff and ambulance are familiar with him. He also breaks his record in his hospital visits by making his fifty second.
  • Tami's last name is revealed.
  • Debbie kisses Kelly but the latter rejects her feelings since she is straight.
  • Tami wants to see if she inherited chances of breast cancer.
  • Liam is revealed to be staying with a friend for a few days.
  • Fiona meets Max again and he gives her money from her investment in the lot, with her regaining money.
  • Fiona states Liam is ten.
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