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Little Hank is Carl's friend in Season 2, shown to be socially awkward and slightly twisted. He tries to woo numerous girls (including Holly) and often leads the way on pranks and stunts that land him and Carl in trouble – such as taking advantage of his house-sitting duties. Despite all this, Debbie takes a shine to him, although at the time he seems more interested in other girls. He later gives Debbie a bunch of flowers, albeit drunk at the time.

Throughout the Seasons

Little Hank's first appearance is in season 2.

In I'll light a candle for you every day, he let's carl join him while he is "house-sitting." They drink alcohol from the owner's liquor cabinet and then get kicked out when the owner comes home. Later it is shown that they have found a new client.

In A Beautiful Mess, Carl invites little Hank to Debbie's birthday party. Where Debbie first begins to crush on him.

Episode Appearances

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