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Like Father, Like Daughter is the third episode of season 4 of the US version of Shameless.


Frank stalks his previously unseen daughter Sammi and is surprised to learn that she has a son. Meanwhile, Fiona and Mike get serious; and Carl steals dogs and holds them for ransom, so he can earn some drug money for Frank. Sheila has her first successful online date with a Native American cowboy named Roger Running Tree.


Fiona is at Mike's house, coming out of a shower that they've recently taken. They're talking about each other’s taste in music. He tells her that she can keep things that she needs at his place, like make-up and other important things. He asks her about moving in with him or going to her house, while she refuses and talks about how complicated it is with her family. Mike tells her to describe how dysfunctional her family is and she tells him of her father's liver problems and revealing that she has another sister that he never told her or the other kids about. Surprised, Mike comments on her family drama and notices Fiona seems irritated that Frank never told her, despite her saying otherwise. Fiona states she thought she had her father figured out but he had one last surprise. Before Fiona leaves, Mike reminds her about eating dinner with his family.

Fiona leaves and calls Shelia to see how the kids are doing, Shelia talks about how she’s recently got into online dating and talking about all the eligible bachelors she can be with. Debbie walks in looking for food, she looks at Shelia’s online dating account and sees that someone has shown interest in her and tells her to ask if their DTF or something.

Elsewhere, Carl is outside with his father, their looking for his daughter. They both see his daughter Samantha Slott, Carl mentions how she looks like a skank version of him. They also notice she has a kid of her own. Frank tells Carl to go buy him some drugs and make him proud.

Lip arrives to work a little late; the head kitchen chef doesn't look too pleased about it.

Veronica is looking at the ultra sound with Carl, Carl is asking about how he needs to purchase drugs for his father, but she won't sell him any right now. Carl waits for her to leave then sneaks into the house through a window to steal some drugs, but the cabinets were locked. Frank goes to a place to buy drugs, he ends up trying to buy a lot of drugs; but he doesn’t have enough money to get what he wants so he settles for what he wanted.

Debbie is talking about Matty to her friends, they talk to her about how she should try having sex with her boyfriend.

Fiona is at work, while working she’s interrupted with her boss who tells her that she needs to have a talk with her family.

Carl ends up going to a store with his little brother to buy groceries, they got groceries, but now he needs to find drug money for his Father. Carl finds a dog that’s outside with his leash tied to a post, looks like he’s going to wait for when a lost and found reward comes up for it.

Lip walks in to talk to his roommates, but leaves quickly to make it to class. Lip makes it in class, but is completely struggling in it.

Frank finds a young kid; he wants him to smack his grandson Chuck around; so he bribes him with weed.

The kid does as Frank asked; he then “saves” his grandson and makes a good impression on his oldest daughter Samantha.

Fiona arrives home asking if her family missed her, they don’t say anything, she says she missed them. She talks to Debbie about her first boyfriend, since she asked Debbie a bit about her boyfriend. Fiona notices the dog and asks whose it is, but doesn’t get a great reply. Carl is still pissed off because Fiona doesn’t want to give her liver to Frank.
Samantha is eating out with Frank, she’s talking about her husband’s she’s had throughout her life. Frank’s sundae arrives and he notices there’s butterscotch in it; he tells the waiter he wants chocolate on it, because he hates butterscotch. Samantha agrees that butterscotch sucks, then they find out they have more in common with each other. Frank and Samantha are getting along very well; Samantha asks if Frank is free to attend her son’s dodge ball game because she doesn’t want to go alone.

Fiona is eating dinner with Mike's family, when all of a sudden Robbie appears late, he’s his brother. Robbie is asked by his father how his travels were, he tells them about it. Robbie wants to go to the lake house to lay down some tracks with Pete, but he’s not allowed to go there alone right now. Robbie and Mike start to have a conflict during dinner, Robbie ends up leaving the table.

Kevin is working at his bar along with Veronica. She starts selling her drugs to the customers, which is a smart way to make money. Mickey, now a regular customer at the Alibi, he is seen drunk there, in his own world and suddenly drunkenly rambles, "I like fucking carrot tops. Like with the freckles, and the pale skin... the fuckin'... alien looking." As Kev and another customer were just talking about a completely different topic, they stare at Mickey briefly for his sudden rambling. Kev points to a "ginger" woman at another end of the bar and suggests Mickey buy her a drink. Mickey does not do so but just directly propositions her. Mickey is seen next having sex with her in the bathroom of the Alibi but is clearly not enjoying it, still engrossed in his own thoughts and heartbroken. The woman however, on noticing his depressed expression, asks if he wishes to "finish." He then tells her to switch positions and "pound" him, while already pulling her to go behind him. Confused, she asks, "With what?" Frustrated he tells her to just do it "with her hipbone." As she does so, he is seen to be sorrowful.

Sheila is watching Frank microwaving a weird mixture of foods and he ends up drinking straight from the blender.

Lip calls Fiona and talks about how he wants to use the laptop, but it seems that Debbie and Carl are using it for other things. Fiona asks how Lip is doing. Fiona hears background sounds of people cheering and yelling, she thinks it’s a party that he’s at and hangs up not interrupt him. Turns out he’s trying to study, but is having problems because of his roommate Ron banging his girlfriend Amanda at the same time. Lip ends up having a training montage of his own writing his paper. Looks like it took Lip all night to write his paper, he now hands it in.

Fiona is at work when Mike appears saying that he’s invited Robbie to dinner with them tonight, she talks about how she’s noticed they've got problems with each other. She tells him that they should try to stop helping him.

Lip talks to the head chef, he wants to leave early to study for his upcoming classes. He can’t help Lip with wanting to leave early, Lip gets pissed off and kicks baskets outside and beats up a garbage bin, and then he goes back in to work.

Frank is with Samantha watching her son’s Chuck dodge ball game; he’s getting completely wrecked in dodge ball. Frank says that Chuckie can take a beating well that he's as tough as a steak. Samantha talks about how she feels that she’s known Frank all her life, he takes out some marijuana to aid the pain and smokes it. She asks if he’s an addict, but he says it’s for medical uses and that he’s got a liver problem.

Debbie is going to her friends “sleepover party”.

Sheila is trying to clean up the house for her date, her date arrives he’s a Native American named Rodger. Rodger brings flowers with him and hands them to her, he says he’s forgotten his guitar in his Honda and has to go back and get it if she’s interested in a strum down.
Mike, Fiona and Robbie are now out to dinner; he asks how they got together. Fiona talks about how they went on a camping trip together.

Frank is spending time with Samantha and her son Chuckie. Frank walks them back to their trailer, he thanks Samantha for an excellent evening, she asks if he’d like to come in and he agrees to do it. Samantha tells Chuckie to go to bed because he’s got school tomorrow. Frank then sits down with Samantha; she’s impressed how good he is with Chuckie. She asks what blood typed Frank is he’s O positive, she’s also got the same blood type and wants to donate her liver to him. Frank is happy to hear it, but he’s worried about the surgery. Samantha looks like she's taken an interest in Frank, a love interest; but he doesn’t want to go there because she’s actually his daughter. Frank leaves feeling very awkward after Samantha kissed him and wanted more than that from him.

Robbie is driving Fiona and Mike home, Mike is drunk and is singing in the car. Fiona and Robbie talk about Mike and what he does. Robbie talks about how he can’t live the same life as Mike, that he doesn't like the office life. He says that he’s addicted to the rush of life, that it’s very bad. Fiona says that knowing that he’s hurting people isn't it worse, but he says that he doesn’t there are many people who are addicts. Mike wakes up and starts singing again, giving them an encore.

Debbie is over at Matty's house; Debbie walks out and wants to have sex. He doesn't want to do it, and gives pretty lame and horrible excuses. Though he compliments her on looking beautiful and they end up eating dinner and watching a movie together.

Rodger is playing some tunes for Sheila. Carl arrives, Sheila introduces them and then Carl takes his dog up to the room. He’s holding the dog for ransom, to get drug money for Frank. Frank says he’s got drugs on deliver, now that he’s gotten in contact with Samantha.

Robbie helps Michael get to a toilet to throw up; Fiona is helping him out also because he had too much to drink tonight.

Fiona walks out of the washroom; she goes to talk to Robbie. Robbie talks about Mike's ex-wife and how he hasn't drunk that much until he broke up with his ex. Robbie asks how she and Mike are doing; she says that she’s happy. Robbie ends up kissing Fiona and the two of them begin to have sex; she’s cheating on her boyfriend while he’s in the same house drunk and throwing up in the washroom. Mike walks out of the washroom, but he completely doesn't see them there and walks into his room, Robbie leaves the house. Fiona is stunned by what happened, she slowly gets in bed and sleeps next to Mike. Mike wakes up next to Fiona, he apologizes to her for the hickey that he doesn't know Robbie gave her. Later, Fiona is going to go home to check up on the kids, she asks if she'll see him at work. He doesn't think so because of how horrible he's feeling.

Fiona is riding the train back home, Debbie arrives home and Carl sees her get out of her boyfriend’s car. Fiona then arrives and she asks about how it went last night with Sheila, but he ignores her.

Lip is talking to his roommate about how the papers are going to be given back, though in mid conversation everyone freezes in place, Lip walks away and then they all start to move again. Lip gets his paper back; he looks and realizes that his grade is a 77 he passed.

Fiona is getting ready for work and calls Mike, but Robbie picks up instead. Fiona doesn't want Robbie to tell Mike about what happened, she says it’ll never happen again. Robbie tells her it wills that she’s an addict. Fiona walks out of the washroom and takes a look at her father and then leaves.



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  • Fiona is upset about Frank not telling her about his oldest daughter, which happened in My Oldest Daughter.
    • Fiona makes a speculation, that Frank may have more children but it is unknown if that's true.
  • Frank bonds with his daughter Sammi, who is revealed to have a child of her own. Sammi is unaware of Frank being her father and hits on him.
  • Carl is kidnapping dogs for ransom.
  • Debbie throws herself at her boyfriend, but he resists.
  • Sheila meets a Native American guy on a dating site.
  • Fiona meets and sleeps with Mike's brother Robbie Pratt.


Carl:What happened to the ghetto nurse?
V:She became a capitalist.

Frank:Get hard drugs, make daddy proud.

Frank:Wow so that’s my daughter, she’s kind of beautiful.
Carl:She looks like you in skank form.
Frank:Thank you son.



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