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Liamday is the first episode of the third series of Shameless. It was the first and only New Years Special of the show and as such is an extra 20 minutes longer than a normal episode.


When Carol's latest one night stand collapses from an allergic reaction to the peanuts she'd been eating, she promises to change her life and heads for a spiritual retreat.

Veronica suggests Kev start literacy classes. However Kev can't focus when he starts getting turned on by the woman running the class, Serena. When his car breaks in two one night after class, Kev is forced to take a lift home from her, during which she comes onto him and warns him that she is "going to have" him.

Debbie struggles to cope after Fiona's departure when Liam begins causing offense at the Catholic school due to his atheist beliefs. The school are talking exclusion and plan a home visit but when Frank remains true to form and doesn't turn up, Debbie hatches a desperate last minute plan. She shaves Liam's head and leads the people from the school to believe he has cancer. The other Gallagher children are not happy when they find out but decide the best thing they can do is slowly let his hair grow back and pretend his "treatment" is working. This plan backfires though when one of the school teachers begins touring the area for collections, and The Jockey starts a collection to send Liam to Disneyland.

Sheila and Frank move back into the Gallagher house to help look after Liam, with everyone feeling guilty that they have no choice but to keep the truth from Frank. Karen and Kev get in on the guilt too when Jez begins organizing a huge "Liam Day" event and talking to a journalist. Frank finally finds out that Liam isn't ill when Monica and Norma arrive after hearing the news and the children can't bear the guilt of one more parent thinking their child is dying.

Liam Day doesn't go without a hitch however when Carol comes home and begins cursing God for giving Liam cancer, which causes Liam to tell her not to worry as it's only a game into a microphone. And to top it all off, Frank collapses and gets rushed into hospital after drinking massive amounts of alcohol all day and taking horse pills.

Sue is suffering from depression so Marty outfits the living room in a tropical island style to lift her spirits.

Post Credit Scene

Kev is seen dressed as a school boy and reciting the letters written on a black board which are being pointed out to him by Veronica who is wearing a flat cap scholar outfit. Kev begins to lose focus as he watches Veronica and get's one of the letters wrong, he asks "does that mean I'm going to have to have the cane again miss?" to which Veronica nods. She tells him to bend over and opens her robe revealing pink lingerie, Kev can be seen grinning as he is bent over before the screen goes black and a whip is heard followed by Kev gasping.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Alice Barry - Lillian Tyler
  • Annabelle Apsion - Monica Gallagher
  • Dystin Johnson - Norma Starkey
  • Rory McCann - Father Critchon
  • Natalie Gavin - Attractive Young Woman
  • Dean Andrews - Geoff Mulligan
  • John Peat - Dicko
  • Danny Cunningham - PC Danny Lowe
  • Fiona Allen - Miss Murdoch
  • Vicky Hall - Serena
  • James Foster - Newspaper Vendor
  • Pam Shaw - Old Woman
  • Emma Kearney - Reporter
  • Kirsty Doyle - Caring Woman
  • Meriel Schofield - Doctor


  • Narrator: Frank Gallagher
  • First appearance of Dicko, a pre teen drug dealer who is a regular supplier to Frank. Dicko is later seen in Episode 5 of the series being assaulted by Shane Maguire.
  • The first appearance of Johnny Bennett in the role of Liam Gallagher, taking over from Joseph Furnace in Series 1 and 2.
  • First mention of Liam's Atheism which becomes a prominent aspect of his character in future episodes.
  • First appearance of Father Critchton, played by Rory McCan. Father Critchon is seen again in the next episode, representing a Catholic youth club.
  • Third appearance of Monica Gallagher and Norma Starkey.


Lillian: Sorry to hear about your Liam, it's a crying shame. I thought it were 
other one at first, that idiot from Oasis. I said to Maurine, he can pay for
his own trip money he's making.