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Letitia Powell arrived on the Chatsworth Estate with her parents during the gap between Series 7 and 8, they live in Yvonne's old house. Feisty yet impressionable, Letitia has become firm friends with Aidan Croker who recently moved onto the estate to live with his aunt Patty.

Letitia's mother, Avril, was paying for her daughter to attend private school, wanting Letitia to get "GCSE's, university. The lot". Not wanting her husband Jackson to find out, as he is a public school teacher himself and a strong believer that private schools are just "money buying influence". Avril would quickly get Letitia to change into a different school uniform before sending her daughter nextdoor after school to be tutored by Liam Gallagher (but told Jackson that she was tutoring him).

Letitia developed a strong crush on Carl Gallagher, constantly texting him with requests for help as excuses to see him. Her parents eventually intervened and spoke to Carl, first thinking him to reciprocating their daughter's advances but later asking him to let her down gently so as not to hurt her feelings.

When Letitia overheard her father make sexually suggestive comments to a "Mrs.Smith" on his mobile, as well as go out drinking on strange nights and get dressed up for no reason she realized, with the help of Aidan, that he must have been having an affair. Ready to tell her mother everything she only changed her mind when Aidan convinced her that she'd been given a golden opportunity to get her hand's on anything she asked for, by black mailing her father. Letitia glady did just that and took her father for money and favors, threatening to reveal all when he became annoyed. But after another argument over her demands she revealed the affair to her mother only for the comical truth to come out. Her father though he was being blackmailed over masturbating over a pair of her mother's underwear, and "Mrs.Smith" was revealed to actually be her mother. The couple had been half joking, half role playing to spice up their sex life, leaving her mother Avril laughing and Letitia red faced.