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Killer Carl is the sixth episode of the first season of Shameless.


Fiona tries to prove the Gallagher home is suitable for rehabilitating a delinquent after receiving a letter from Carl's teacher; Lip gets busted taking the SAT for fellow students in exchange for cash; Kash and Ian are ashamed at their failure to stop a string of robberies at the Kash and Grab; Frank's poor business acumen continues to have negative consequences.


When a letter from Carl's teacher arrives at the Gallagher home, Fiona is thrown into action to prove it's a suitable domicile for rehabilitating a delinquent.

Lip is caught taking the SAT for other students. Lip calls the students to let them know that their scores are invalidated as a result. One of the football players whose score was invalidated visits the house to beat up Lip. While the football player hangs Lip out an upstairs window, Carl threatens him with a baseball bat. The football player brings Lip back into the bedroom, and Carl swings the bat at the football player's leg. The family carries Carl out of the room on their shoulders while cheering in celebration.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Brent Jennings - Principal Monroe
  • Robert Knepper - Rod
  • Lily Mariye - Malaya
  • Tiothy V. Murphy - Vlad
  • Willow Geer - Miss Devlin
  • Christopher Gehrman - English Teacher
  • Catfish Jean - Tire Neck
  • Aaron Todd Kessee - Double F
  • Justin Lee - Warren
  • Carlos Linares - Proctor
  • Timmy Mayse - Bloodied Man
  • Joe Minoso - Hector Aquilar
  • Anthony Wayne Skeen - Kenny Eaves
  • Chad W. Smathers - Oompa Loompa


  • Wilson Farrell - Skater Kid