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"Killer Carl" is the sixth episode in the first season of Shameless. It originally aired on February 13, 2011.


After receiving a letter from Carl's teacher, Fiona tries to prove the Gallagher home is suitable for rehabilitating a delinquent; Lip gets busted taking the SAT for other students in exchange for cash; Frank's poor business acumen continues to have negative consequences.


The Gallaghers' power gets shut off, because Fiona forgot to pay the power bill. Before leaving for school, Carl hands Fiona a letter from his teacher; the teacher has raised concerns over Carl’s violent and aggressive behavior, and wants Carl's parents to show up at the Parents Night event, which is being held at Carl's school and the adjoining high school. While reading the letter, Fiona receives a visit from two goons, Rod and Vlad, who reveal that Frank owes them $6000 because of a failed insurance fraud scam. The goons threaten Fiona, stating that if Frank doesn't give them the money, they'll come back and harm Fiona and her siblings.

At the Jackson house, Karen wants Sheila to attend her school's Parents Night, which is being held at her high school, as well as the adjoining elementary school. Unwilling to invite Eddie, Karen instead asks Frank to show up as her father; Frank also declines her offer. Wanting to show up at Parents Night for Karen, Sheila meets with her therapist and attempts to overcome her agoraphobia through virtual exposure therapy. However, Sheila has a panic attack and rips the headset off when her therapist tries to steer her closer to the doors.

Fiona shows up at the Alibi Room to confront Frank about Rod and Vlad. She also wants him to show up to Carl's Parents Night conference; Frank strongly refuses. Frank flees the bar when Rod and Vlad suddenly show up. Fiona later meets with Carl's teacher, Miss Devlin, as well as the principal, who threaten to call Child Protective Services if a parent or legal guardian fails to show up at the meeting. Steve suggests that he show up as Carl's father, but Fiona states he's too young. Meanwhile, Rod and Vlad chase Frank back to Sheila's house, and Frank turns to Karen for help. Karen agrees to distract Rod and Vlad, in exchange for Frank attending Parents Night with her. Frank reluctantly agrees.

At the Kash and Grab, Linda confronts Kash over the unacceptable amount of shoplifting in the store. It is revealed that Mickey Milkovich is the one who has been stealing from the store; however, Kash lets it happen, as he is terrified of Mickey and his family. When Linda discovers this, she teaches Kash and Ian how to use a gun. Meanwhile, Lip has begun taking the SATs for other students in exchange for cash. Lip gets busted by Professor Hearst, who warns him never to do it again. However, impressed by Lip’s extremely high SAT scores, Hearest invites Lip to visit his office at the University of Chicago.

Keeping Karen’s promise, Frank attends the Parents Night event posing as Eddie. Rod and Vlad end up stalking Frank to the high school; they beat Frank up in a classroom and threaten to mutilate him if he doesn’t give them the $6000 by the end of the week. Fiona shows up to Carl’s meeting without a parent or legal guardian, and Carl’s principal reveals that he will make a call to Social Services. Steve unexpectedly arrives at the last minute. He bonds with the principal and ends up letting Carl off the hook by exchanging a marijuana deal with the principal. Returning from Carl’s meeting, Fiona is shocked to see Karen and Frank in the hallway. Karen tries to clarify to Lip that she had asked Frank to attend. Fiona shares a tearful glance with Steve, feeling betrayed by her father.

Fiona and the Gallaghers give Carl an intervention over his anger issues; Steve and Ian suggest that Carl take out his anger through hockey or karate. At the Jackson house, Frank comforts Sheila, who is distraught over her agoraphobia; Sheila fears that she’ll miss out on Karen’s accomplishments in the future.

After being caught by Professor Hearst, Lip calls the other students to inform them their SAT scores have been invalidated. One of the football players whose score was invalidated visits the house to beat up Lip. When the football player hangs Lip from an upstairs window, Carl threatens him with a baseball bat. The football player brings Lip back into the bedroom, but Carl swings the bat at the football player’s leg anyways. The Gallaghers carry Carl out of the room, cheering in celebration.

Post Credit Scene
Carl's principal flirts with Miss Devlin, asking if she's ever been with a black guy. She asks if rape counts, then immediately says "I was acquitted." The principal takes this in and they laugh.


Regular Cast[]

Special Guest Star[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Brent Jennings - Principal Monroe
  • Robert Knepper - Rod
  • Lily Mariye - Malaya
  • Timothy V. Murphy - Vlad
  • Willow Geer - Miss Devlin
  • Christopher Gehrman - English Teacher
  • Catfish Jean - Tire Neck
  • Aaron Todd Kessee - Double F
  • Justin Lee - Warren
  • Carlos Linares - Proctor
  • Timmy Mayse - Bloodied Man
  • Joe Minoso - Hector Aquilar
  • Anthony Wayne Skeen - Kenny Eaves
  • Chad W. Smathers - Oompa Loompa
  • Wilson Farrell - Skater Kid (uncredited)


  • "Previously on Shameless" - Frank Gallagher
  • There is a deleted scene from this episode on the Season 1 box DVD; it's an extended clip of Linda teaching Kash how to use the gun.
  • Frank reveals he has an Uncle George.
  • Episode Runtime - 00:50:48