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Kash and Grab is the shop originally run by Kash and his wife Linda, but later only by Linda due to Kash leaving.

Season One

Ian is sorting vegetable while Kash is standing behind the counter, watching him, when Linda is on her way to leave the store. She walks up to her husband and to smell his breath. Ian quickly defends him and says he is the one smelling like pork. She knows he is lying, but Ian keeps on defending Kash. She changes the topic and talks to Kash about him not going to the mosque and his father blaming her for it. She also wants her husband to talk to her mother-in-law before she leaves to take their sons to the mosque. Lip comes over to the store a little later to give Kash back some tools he had borrowed, and finds the store closed. When he comes through the backdoor nobody is behind the register. Suddenly, Kash and Ian both come from the back of the store and talk about logistics. Lip quickly notices that Ian is wearing one of Kash's shoes and vice versa and he immediately puts two and two together. He confronts them and leaves the store without waiting for a reply.

Mandy Milkovich surprises Ian at work one day after he had helped her in History class. She assumes he is interested in her and grabs his ass. He assumes it is Kash, and is shocked when it turns out to be his classmate. Before she leaves she kisses his cheek. He just stands there frozen, not knowing what to do. The following day Mandy's brothers, including Mickey Milkovich, come over to the store to beat Ian up, since she told them he had raped her, even though he had been the one stopping her from having sex with him. Ian is in the back of the store, sorting some products, when the Milkovich brothers come in. Kash tells them Ian has already left since there is a door in the back of the store. The boys leave the store, not before pushing over some boxes and stealing food. Kash locks the door and calms Ian down.

Ian comes late for work and Linda gets upset, while Kash just smiles and says "better late than never." After Linda confronts him with a question on his outfit Ian says it is for the Army Club at school. Kash congratulates him on his achievement and so does Linda, but not as nicely as her husband, and immediately tells Ian what she wants done before she comes home from the Boyscout trip. Ian asks if they have Muslim boyscouts and Kash makes a Muslim joke on that which only aggrivates Linda. Kash invites Ian over to his place once his wife has left.

Linda confronts Kash about why several things have been missing from the store. They have lost over $300 during the last week. She then leaves to take the kids to school after telling him to man up. Mickey is seen waiting in front of the store until Linda leaves. He walks straight inside and grabs a couple of things before walking out without paying. Ian asks him why he does not just tell him to either pay or to call the cops. Kash explains that he had done that with Terry Milkovich, Mickey's father, once and was beaten up for that. Mickey comes back right when their conversation is over and steals some more. Ian is sick of this and confronts Mickey outside the store. He just throws milk at him and leaves. Kash sends Ian away to replace the things Mickey has stolen. When he comes back Linda is already back and takes Kash to practice shooting when she realizes Mickey has stolen again.

When Ian comes over to the store to show Kash the meat he and the other people from the neighborhood have stolen he sees that the man has a black eye. He quickly asks if Mickey is the cause of this and Kash confirms it, telling him Linda is going to be furious. Then Kash reveals that Mickey has stolen the gun and that he wished the boy had burnt the store down instead. Then a bunch of people enter the store to buy barbecue supplies because of the stolen meat. When Linda finds out about the stolen gun and installs surveillance cameras at the store she basically asks Kash to shoot Mickey, because he would do the public a favor with it. When she sees Ian is wearing a new jacket she asks him if he had stolen the money from the register and becomes suspicious. Later, Kash changes the direction of the camera so that he and Ian can still have sex without them being visible on the tape. What they do not know is that the camera's angle changes while they are doing it so that they are taped. The following day, Linda shows Kash the video tape from the previous night and tells him that she knows about Ian's and his relationship. When Ian comes to the store after reading her message she hits him. Linda says that she would stay with Kash and accept him having sex with Ian as long as she gets pregnant again. She does not fire Ian, just tells him he could do better. Ian gives Kash the gun he had gotten back from Mickey and leaves the store.

Kash apologizes for not being able to have sex with Ian, but he is sure Linda will be pregnant soon. Ian is rather not interested, because of Mickey, and does not really listen. He just continues working when Kash has to leave. Later, Mickey comes over to have sex with Ian in the back of the store. When Ian comes over to the store the next day Kash tells him they could have sex again this month, because Linda isn't fertile anymore. Ian does not seem very interested and seems glad when a lady enters the store.

When Kash comes over to the store to tell Ian that Linda is pregnant and that they can have sex again he walks into him and Mickey having sex. As soon as Mickey sees that they got caught he rushes out. Kash just stares at Ian in shock. Later, there is a tense atmosphere as they sort vegetables. Mickey comes over and tells Kash to better keep his mouth shut. The jealousy inside Kash makes him strong and he brings up the courage to tell Mickey to put the Snickers bar he had wanted to steal back. Mickey does not care, though, and eats it in front of Kash. Kash pulls a gun and shoots a salsa jar and chips, before Ian runs out and tells him to stop. Then Kash shoots again and hits Mickey's leg. Ian immediately rushes to Mickey's help.

Season 2

When Ian comes late for work Linda asks him if he had seen Kash the previous night. He has not and Linda tells him he has not come home and she had to open the shop by herself. A boy comes up to the counter and wants to buy a pack of cigarettes. She refuses him and then goes upstairs to get the boys ready for swimming. As soon as she is gone Kash enters the store and asks if his wife has left. Ian's and his relationship are more tense than before. The boy enters the store again and Kash gives him the cigarettes. Later, a person wearing a burka enters the store. Kash tells Ian to cover the register and vanishes in the back of the store. The person in the burka comes back out. It is revealed that he is a man. He leaves the store and Kash tells Ian to go back to work. The following day the man in the burka is back. When he leaves Ian asks if he can leave, too. Kash starts crying and says he cannot live this lie any longer. He asks Ian for help and takes his hand, but he does not reply. The next day the man with the burka returns. He and Kash vanish in the back when Linda calls Ian to tell him to send Kash up to her. Kash is wearing a burka now as well and asks Ian to give him a headstart. The man leaves and Ian is left alone in the store.

Mickey now works at the store as well. He works security, but Linda says she does not mind firing him if anything goes missing. They help Lip and Kev with putting drinks in the van while Mickey offers them some cocaine to sell. Lip tells Ian to do some more geomitry work. Mickey is confused about that and Ian explains it to him when Frank says it is wrong and wants to open a tab for Butterface. Ian tells him there are no tabs, and Mickey will not let him leave the place until he checks his pockets for money again. Frank pulls out a fifty dollar bill and leaves the store. Mickey tells Ian he needs more leadership qualities for the army and that just because he bottoms it does not mean he is a bitch.

Lip comes over the store to make up with Ian, who still does not want to talk to him, because he got a recommendation for West Point. So Lip loses it and smashes a tomato on the floor. When there is no reaction he throws some more against the wall and eventually smashes a watermelon. No reaction from Ian. He just drinks Lip's beer as soon as he is gone.

When Frank comes over to get something for his mother he walks in on Mickey and Ian having sex. Mickey freaks out and thinks of ways to get rid of Frank. The following day Mickey comes back to the store and quits the job, he tells Ian he means nothing to him, and then leaves to kill Frank.

When Ian comes to work the day after Terry has attacked him at his house the store is destroyed and the windows smashed. Lip comes over and Ian tells him that Terry thinks he is the father of Mandy's baby. Linda says he would get fired if the place isn't clean by the time she comes over. Ian is scared of Terry returning so he has a gun with him at the store and points it at everyone who enters. Even Lip when he comes over and tells him he has a plan to get Terry back into jail.

Season 3

Mickey uses the store as a way to sell his drugs. A customer comes in and he drops a cup in the trash, expecting the boy to pick it up since the drugs are in there. The boy does not get it and Ian tells him to leave, because he needs the brain cells. After a little flirty talk Ian asks him if he really did have sex with Angie. Mickey says he has, because everyone does it and he can call her so Ian can have sex with her, too. Lloyd  comes over to the star a little later. He flirts with Ian and Mickey gets jealous, asking for the reciept when he wants to leave the store, which is kind of ridiculous since he just saw him buy the chips. Lloyd shows him the paper and leaves. Ian tells him Lloyd is just a guy he has been seeing and seeing means sex.

Lloyd comes over to the store to apologize and to ask Ian to rob his house, since Candace has changed the locks. When he asks him to kiss him Ian refuses.

When Ian goes over to work at the store Mickey asks him about the group home and invites him over to spend the night at his house since his father is gone for the weekend.

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