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This page is about the US incarnation of Kash. For the original UK version, see Kash Karib.

Kash is the married owner of the local shop and Ian's former fling.


In the Pilot, he is shown to be having an affair with Ian Gallagher, despite being a married devout Muslim with children.

During Three Boys, Lip finds out about his relationship with Ian.

When his wife Linda discovers Kash's sexuality, she is upset and Kash worries she'll tell his mother. However, she allows the affair to continue, so long as he gives her another child. Kash agrees and soon gets Linda pregnant.

Kash soon grows sick of Linda's behavior, feeling trapped, Kash leaves, thrusting the responsibility upon Ian to tell his family.

Episode Appearances


  • According to himself, he didn't realize his sexuality until after his marriage.
  • He has bad standings with the Milkovich Family, specifically Terry Milkovich and Mickey Milkovich