Just Like the Pilgrims Intended is the eleventh episode of the second season of Shameless.


While Fiona's planning a nice Thanksgiving, Monica's becoming more depressed than ever. Frank realizes that it's time to get her back on her meds, but he might be too late.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Kristoffer Ryan Winters - Clayton Gallagher
  • J. Michael Trautmann - Iggy Milkovich
  • Nicky Korba Little Hank
  • Thierre Di Castro - Marco
  • William Stanford Davis - Conrad
  • Micah Cohen - Jeff Murphy
  • Candace Brown - Alana Murphy
  • Gina Gallego - Dr. Martha Nutig
  • Thai Phuong - Nurse Walter
  • Mary Heiss - Nurse Sheryl
  • Claudia Choi - OB Doctor 
  • Michael Woods - Ralph
  • Mia Park - Korean Liquor Store Wife


  • Robert G. Beck - Roger
  • Pete Crandall - Police Officer
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