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Julia Nicolo is a recurring character who appears in Season 10.


During O Captain, My Captain, Julia is picked up by Debbie and she believes the latter to be a prostitute hired by her mother. Debbie states she is Claudia’s girlfriend and she was tasked with picking her up. It becomes clear that Julia has issues with her mother as she complains about her eating habits and rules. Julia also establishes how she doesn’t like Debbie and complains about how Debbie's generation has ruined the world. However she is put in her place when Debbie states that she is only a few years older than Julia and talked about how rich people are the ones ruining the world while blaming poor people for it, silencing Julia. After skipping Julia's class they go to pizza place, where they talk before Julia kissed Debbie. She apologizes for it but is brought in for another passionate kiss by Debbie.

In Now Leaving Illinois, Julia continues her relationship with Debbie behind Claudia's back. Julia later walks with Debbie through the yard, where she starts talking about pursuing their relationship. As she talks about the previous tension between them, Debbie notices signs before she sees Julia put them down to invite her to a homecoming dance. Subsequently, Debbie rejects her and Julia breaks down and pleas with her but Debbie maintains her stance. Later on, Julia eats to comfort her sadness while glaring at Debbie. She later used her GPS to track her mother's car to the Gallagher house. where Debbie is tending to her daughter at home before Julia visits. Julia tells Debbie they will go to homecoming or else she would tell their mother about their relationship, to Debbie's dismay.

In Location, Location, Location, Julia confessed to her mother about the affair but reveals that she was only experimenting. As she and her mother argue, an exasperated Debbie walks away from the scene.

During Gallavich, Julia has run away from home and decide to go to stay at the Gallagher house. Julia tells Debbie since she was in directly responsible for this she staying with her. Debbie walks away from her and Julia talk to Sandy Milkovich who introduces herself as Debbie’s girlfriend. Julia insults Sandy but receives a quick punch from her as a welcome to the south side. Julia makes herself at home in Debbie’s room and announces she’s going to the wedding of Debbie’s brother Ian. Eventually, her mother calls and Debbie learns the truth but Julia only makes the situation worse by lying that she is continuing the affair. At the wedding, Julia watches Debbie dance with Sandy, making her sad at being lonely. Debbie’s other brother Carl joins Julia at the table before they talk about her sexuality, which she explains is because she was experimenting. After Carl reveals his open mindedness to her kinks, Julia is intrigued by him, she then grabs Carl by the arm and invites him to wild sex, which he quickly accepts. The next day, she is seen in bed with Carl before the cops show up having been called by her mother. The cops chase Debbie while a worried Carl decides to have a talk with the confused Julia.

Season 11

It is mentioned This is Chicago!, that in the six months that passed Julia had testified against Debbie and this resulted in her having to register as a sex offender with a bracelet. It’s also mentioned in the website that Julia had been mistaken for seven years old, rather than 17 for the act.


  • Julia states she is not gay, only experimenting.
    • She is likely bisexual or bi-curious, due to her relationships with Debbie and Carl.
  • It is unknown whether her parents are divorced or her father is dead.
  • Despite things ending bad with Debbie, Julia chose to stay with her after running away though this seemed to be due to a lack of other options.
  • Julia's mother has charged Debbie with statutory rape for having sex with the underage Julia. Technically, Carl is guilty of this as well.
    • However, it was shown that Carl was not charged most likely because Claudia had no idea about him.
    • It's ironic that Debbie is being charged with statutory rape for the first time even though she committed date rape five seasons prior which was much worse considering how shaken up her then-boyfriend Matt was about it when he found out what she did, and didn't report it as Debbie was 15 and it would be more likely that the cops would charge him with the offense as he was in his 20s, while in this case Debbie was slightly manipulated by Julia.
  • Aside from mentions, she was not seen at the Gallagher House in the six months that have passed.
    • It is likely Julia has gone to live with her mother again .
    • It is unknown if she will make any further appearances.